Cafe di luminaria

Tucked in the inner lane of Khan Market, is a gorgeous little cafe, called Cafe Illuminatii – a beautiful staircase, lit enigmatically, filled with irresistible aromas. There is a wonderful little shop that sells exquisite home decor items and another flight of stairs up is the cafe- the laid back feel of low seating, and alluring smells leave you salivating for some delish preparations. The ambiance is given a pump by charming paintings and mirrors that you just can’t help but stare at. The cuisines served are exceptional, the specialty being – Kashmiri and Italian.


Volcano of Chicken Nachos – slightly bland for my palate but home baked nachos, tossed with tender chicken, fresh salsa, sour cream and jalapenos is pretty good.


Four Season’s Pizza – looking splendid on a wooden platter, thin crust, crunchy, piquant cheese and toppings. Yumm!


Khubani Chicken with Khamiri roti – a traditional speciality. The thick, flavoursome gravy with tender pieces of chicken and the soft Khamiri roti, the pair is made for each other.


The soft, buttery Khamiri Roti.

Find the cafe – 2nd Floor, Shop 18, Inner Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003