Bonjour with Bonhomia

Coffee lovers rejoice, Bonhomia brings you the single serve gourmet coffee capsules, as well as coffee brewing machine, The Boho. Bonhomia is India’s largest tea and coffee capsule brand and with it’s Coffee brewing Machine its sure to attack a lot of customers like me.

Each Coffee capsule individually packed with inert nitrogen delivers a rich creme and a delicious aroma right into your cup. The Boho is a really small thus portable machine, which can be carried on travels too and is suited to commercial spaces and individuals. The company has been supplying capsules and machines to many hotel groups such as Taj, Hyatt, The Oberoi, Starwood and more.

Brewing coffee is depends on two things – the quality of coffee and the barista brewing the coffee. Many hotels spend a lot on the training of these baristas and with human error creeping into the picture the perfect cup isn’t perfect always!
Thus the adaptation of Boho!

Coming to the coffee itself, With coffee from the finest Indian Estates roasted to perfection using Italian Techniques, each capsule encapsulates the aroma of the coffee beans with the perfect taste.

Bonhomia coffees comes in 6 flavours and varying intensities ranging from organic to darker full bodied blends, which includes Free Love (intensity 5), Dark Deeds (intensity 8), Organic Bliss (intensity 4), Black Veil (intensity 9), Vanilla (artisan blend) and Hazel Nut. They are soon launching Restretto (intensity 11) which is probably the darkest blend and will give every coffee lover a run for his money.

I started with an expresso shot of Free Love (intensity 5), the process was a child’s play, Pop the desired capsule in the Boho and with a press of a button the concoction comes trickling down in the cup. The orgasmic aroma was making me crave for that blend right after it started pouring. The Free Love has a lighter body, low acidity, with a bitter sweet smooth robust finish.This is definitely the coffee everyone will love.

Next was the Dark Deeds (Intensity 8), Macchiato! The Crema of the blend is surely pleasing for the eyes and the aroma gives you goosebumps.The full bodied taste was relished, Bold yet refined. Strong, yet smooth!

Then after a break I had the flavoured versions, Hazelnut and Chocolate. The whiff of hazelnut in the coffee was so tantalizing that everybody in the room was asking for this one! The hazelnut overpowered the aroma of coffee but taste was spot on!
The chocolate was slightly off, the taste of chocolate wasn’t coming out very refined.

After having 4 cups of coffee , now was the turn of some Tea Blends.The tea variants include Green Peace – Green Tea and Blackpot – English Breakfast.We tasted the Darjelling green tea, fine golden colour and slight floral aroma. This one is tastes best without sugar and with your preference of lemon or honey.

The last was the Ristretto the strongest blend (intensity 11), This espresso blend is a sure palate pleaser for the discerning connoisseur! This coffee will you that extra kick that you often need to start a long day at work.

I definitely recommend buying Boho by Bonhomia for a true gourmet coffee experience at home!
You wouldn’t have to step out for a great cup!

Visit their site here.