Cha collections.

The Oxford Bookstore does not only house an immense collection of books, quirky seasonal nitbits but is also house to one of the best book cafes of Delhi – Cha Bar.


This crazy, huge light fixture is a part of the minimal ambiance that Cha Bar offers. Marble table tops and no fuss chairs with spools of chuckling and abuzz with tales.


Another signature trademark of the book cafe are the flowers placed on each table in a cut marble stone.


Their latest acquisition

Their latest acquisition


They offer a wide variety of ch – ranging from exotic Indian ones to International flavours. This one here is the bollywood masala cha served in an equally dramatic kettle.


Chicken hoisin wrap – crispy chicken rashers tossed in the savoury hoisin sauce and wrapped to perfection.


Smoked chicken and celery club sandwich with tempting chicken and egg- the celery dressing was especially gratifying.


You can also delve into their excellent desserts while sipping your tea – this jumping monkey cup holds tuck driver ki cha being relished with a slice of English tea cake.


Chicken shawarma wrap served with sour cream – layered pita bread holds together the many flavours of grilled chicken which goes delectably with the sour cream.


Falafel with pita bread – another incredible Lebanese preparation served with hummus alongside. The fresh solf pita bread with flavoursome falafel made into an effortless mixture instead of patties tasted much better.

IMG_20150206_181204837 (2)

Shami kebab with caramalized onions and mint mayonnaise sandwich – the tantalizing aroma and the melt in your mouth meat with the freshness of the mint mayo is guaranteed to make you go week in your knees.


Smoked chicken and jalapeno sandwich


Keema samosas – the keema was a tad bit dry but overall a very filling preparation.


Penne arabiata – the pasta was slightly overcooked but the sauce made up for it.


Bun Kebab – a contemporary preparation of this favourite Mumbai dish – a soft bun lined with mayo and succulent tikki.


One of their best sellers apart from books is Fish And Chips. Priced at a dreamy price of INR120, fresh fried fish served with fries and tartar sauce is a must have.


So, hit Cha Bar to unwind, a chirpy catchup, quick snack or just conquer your mounting work. Fish and chips, sandwiches and falafel are a must have.