Cha(yos) pe Charcha!

After being gaga over French-press and cappuccino, latte and espresso, its brilliant to go come back home to the ease of the desi chai! Cha bar, Chai point and Chaayos give you brilliant chai concoctions with many, many variations along with delish snacking options, and the best part- they stock some heart-warming coffee as well! An invitation to a tasting for their newest yummy additions, and we jumped upon it in an instant.

Visited the Cyber-City outlet – its unlike the other quirky cafes of Chaayos – its located in the Atrium and has tables around with lads enjoying chai after work. We were most graciously shown to our table and started off with “Sab-kuch Chai”. Kadak, very very flavoursome and would knock you out of a lazy day in an instant!

sabkuch chai

Next came in Achari bun maska – a soft fresh bun, laden with butter mixed with a pungent achari zest. You can try some more of their off-beat flavours – Jalapeno mint, lemon honey and sundried tomato olive.

bun maskabun maska1

Next we tried the Kulhad chai and their latest buzz- chicken sambosa. The cha was delightful, mild flavours and sweltering – served in a traditional Kulhad and with just a hint of saffron adding to the enticing flavour. The sambosa is decent – somewhere on the lines of a keema samosa- filled with chunks of chicken in a crispy shell – the chicken could have been a little more succulent though.

kulhad wali chaisambosa and kulhad chaisambosa

Also got our hands on some house favourites – Mutton lazeez wrap, Sicilian chicken sandwich and washed it down with Modinagar shikanji. The sandwich was brilliant – a soft toasted bread with shredded chicken tossed and served with spicy mayo.The mutton lazzez wrap simply bowled us over – a soft tortilla enveloping minced mutton and laced with the very savory – aloo bhujia – the crunch added a novel twist to the bite. Wash down the spiciness with the very refreshing lemonade!

modinagar shikanjimutton lazeez wrapsicilian chicken sandwich

Find the CyberCity outlet here.

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They are coming up with new outlets by the minute – find out one nearest to you here.