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Our familiarity of our Eastern delicacies remains limited to an irrevocable and unconditional love for momos. But that’s not all that the far East has to offer. Intermingling with the wholesomeness of Indian thalis, Nagaland Kitchen brings to you power packed thalis with a choice of protein.
We started with a batch of chicken steamed dumplings. Served in a traditional bamboo cane basket and chopsticks. Freshly made, the dumplings are piping hot, the chicken very fresh and flavorsome. The dimsums were slightly over steamed that the skin came off a tad but the dumplings were awesome otherwise.
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Smoked pork and chicken thali – steamed rice, boiled clear vegetables, simple yellow dal, rosep aon, chutney, mashed potatoes, steamed fish and a spicy pork curry version or simple chicken curry. The zests are a little too authentic to match our North Indian palate. The meats are traditionally tough and that is exactly how they are served to you. The thali is super healthy and wholesome in true sense.

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Smoked pork Thali

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Chicken curry Thali

The Naga Thali festival is on till 30th June and you must get a piece of these Eastern zings.
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