Gourmet Pies

Who doesn’t love pizzas?

Thin crust, pan base, deep dish, hand tossed, wood-brick fired. Whatever it may be – we are all suckers for pizzas and when you come across a joint as unique and inventive as Crusty Gourmet Pizzas & More, you simply cannot resist but pay them a visit.

I visited their Safdarjung outlet – away from the hustle bustle and chortles of Hauz Khas Village, this bistro is located  at this serene, quiet locale instead.

The ambiance is simple – brick walls, wooden tables and chairs painted blue. There are neatly framed pictures of their best sellers hanging on the walls which makes it very easy for you to choose what you want to order.

Their signature style of concentric circles of mayonnaise is definitely the biggest attraction. They also offer Half n Half pizzas – that is – you call have your pizza and eat it too if you can’t choose between two pizzas.

The traditional vegetarian pizza topped with pesto mayo was beautifully baked, topped with fresh vegetables and the mayo just enhanced all the flavours. The base was hand tossed but not exactly thin crust, nice and crispy and very tooothsome none the less.


Our second choice was a nine inch half and half – peri peri chicken and pesto chicken.


The peri-peri chicken half was delectable – chicken breasts, caramelized onions, bell pepper and scrumptious peri peri mayo. The other half was just as delicious – grilled chicken, onions and tomatoes topped with cheese and pesto mayo. Personally, I liked the subtle, flavoursome taste of peri peri mayo more than the pesto one.


We couldn’t resist their craftily prepared menu and ordered a small portion of spaghetti bolognaise.


Spaghetti done al dente tossed in crushed tomatoes and succulent minced meat. The pasta was a light, savory preparation and a perfect end to our gratifying meal.

Head to Crusty Gourmet pizzas and More to add that extra zing to your Pizzas. Find a list of all their outlets here.

Happy eating!