Keep Calm and CookGourmet!

Cook Gourmet offers you a palatable gourmet food experience in the comforts of your home. Choose from their weekly menu and you get your box delivered within 2 hours time. They send you a box with the recipe placard and fresh ingredients perfectly measured and clearly labelled. I chose to try one of the Chef’s special recipes – “Coffee Marinated Lamb Chops with Potato Mash and Corn on the Cob”.


The best thing about Cook Gourmet is that they made quite Gourmet cooking really easy and quick. With all the ingredients in one place and a step-by-step easy to follow recipe detail, elaborate and cumbersome recipes can be whipped up in no time.


Donning the chef’s hat after a long time, I got working.

Starting with the marinade – I feel half your job is done if you have marinated your meats well and patiently for a good amount of time. So, even though the recipe detail mentioned 20 minutes, I gave it about an hour before I started cooking.

Sear the lamb chops, boil the corn and mix and dash mashed potatoes, glaze the chops and plate it well, and voila, you have a palatable ensemble ready.

I improvised a little by buttering the corn and adding a dash of extra pepper and salt to the mashed potatoes. Also, I used a little lukewarm water to mix the mashed potatoes. The flavours turned out to be ambrosial. Especially the demi glaze that tops the lamb chops – the slight sweetness and the coffee flavour worked very well with the meat. The mashed potatoes turned out to be very rich and creamy; the parmesan cheese shavings worked wonders for the main stream mashed potatoes. The lam chops themselves were slightly tough for my taste and could have been more tender. Never the less, I enjoyed my dinner thoroughly and even though I was little skeptical about the quantity, it was quite filling for two!


Find the whole recipe here.

So, go ahead and order a box for yourself and cook up some exotic flavors!