Momos make Mogambo Khush

Mogambo Khush hua has made its name in the Momos world by having a wide variety of momos which does get a confusing at times. There are options from Tandoori dry/gravy/Afghani, Steamed, Pan fried, Salsa, Crunchy & even Chocolate momos. Yes there are a lot of options and you do need to try many to find out which ones do you like the most.


Located facing the road, this small little joint it has 3 small tables with very innovative chairs made from old tires, and a black board to leave your memories & pass your time while waiting for your order.
Coming to the food, it took me 3 visits to find out that I love their Chili Chicken Tandoori Dry Momos the best.


Very spicy and grilled in an electric tandoori these momos do lack the smoky taste but the quality of skin & the juicy chicken inside make it a must try! The flavors of Chili Chicken are bursting inside these momos.

On another occasion I tried the Chicken Crunchy, Chicken Pizza Crunchy momos. The outer coating is actually very crunchy & the flavors inside are very apt according to the name.
The Chicken pizza had cheese, a hint of capsicum & chicken, the cheese melted inside and infused all these together but the flavors weren’t really that great. The Chicken on the other hand were simple & still so delectable.

Next up the Pan Fried Chicken Momos in Schezuan Sauce, these are basically pan fried momos in gravy.
The Schezuan sauce wasn’t that great and when we asked like this isn’t schezuan sauce, it was told to us that it’s slightly mixed to balance the spiciness of schezuan sauce. If you can handle the spicy nature of the sauce then do tell them beforehand. These Momos were just average, the quality of chicken inside is really good but as they being pan fried the outlet layer gives a slightly off balanced aftertaste.


So Mogambo Khush hua has generated a hype which I would say is a little exaggerated but for people living around NSP, this place is a blessing in disguise.

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