My experiments with Cha.

Chaayos makes a mark with its witty, alluring advertisements and growing number of outlets.  For Cha bar, the story has been a different one, owing to the fact that it has been here for years  now and is located inside the Oxford book store and attracts more of bibliomaniacs and now foodies who enjoy their delectable preparations. Chaayos, goes with the popular trends of our Prime Minister’s Chai pe Charcha, and offers to you a relaxed environment where you can unwind, get some work done, have a informal meeting and sip your tea and snack healthy. They also offer delivery services with a special delivery menu which currently has 40% slashed down rates (so, just in case you want to try some tea, now would be a good time. sic.)

With the opening of their Hauz Khas Village outlet and an exclusive Food Talk India meet at Chaayos,  the popularity of chai and their signature  one of a kind blends has increased leaps and bounds. 

Always have a thing for light fixtures

The ambiance is a fairly relaxed one. The gunny bag couches, green metal chairs and light fixtures with stained glasses, real water glasses, add a quirky kick.


You are greeted with much warmth by the staff and kudos to all the brilliant recommendations they offer while you decide what to order. The aam papad chai is definitely a must have among other ‘no-milk’ teas – the rose and cardamom tea, and Moroccan mint. You can add on as many as 12 ingredients on your regular chai. And of course, the cold coffee is a must, must have as well.

Kulhad wali chai - steaming hot

Kulhad wali chai – steaming hot

The selection of their snacks are crisp, healthy and delectable. The butter chicken and mutton lazeez wraps, keema pav, silician chicken sandwich and green chicken sandwich are must haves.

Keema pav

Spicy, flavoursome keema pav.

Keema pav reloaded

Healthy snacking

Green chicken sandwich

Green chicken sandwich – Healthy, multigrain bread, chicken and a very palatable dip.

The prices are a tad steep for common place tea – but well, we take our tea very seriously!