Reveberating Echoes!

Satyaniketan is flooding with new cafes by the minute and each one more conceptually different and interesting than the other and Echoes- Eat Engage Energize is the brand new addition to the long list of cafes here. One flight of stairs up, the staircase is lined with “awesome” quotes from How I Met Your Mother, the place is done with dim lights – the now mainstream filament bulb, and white brick walls. Wooden benches, low seating and hard wooden tables each being guarded by accompaniments, a bottle of water and placards.

The cafe is managed by differently abled staff and you are handed a card stating the same when you enter. You are given the menu and a notepad where you can write down the dish code and the quantity and if you want any specifications with your dish. Also, there is a switch that lights up a bulb on the front if you want to call for the server, use your placards to communicate – water, knife, fork, call the manager and yeah, Thank you!

The place also has framed letters corresponding to the sign language and well, some really quirky things written in the washroom that really cracked us up!

We started off by a chocolate shake and a VirginMo.


After a long time we decided to get our hands back on some cheesy nachos and boy have I missed these. Crispy warm tortilla chips, loaded with liquid cheese and with a side of fresh salsa. I had a perfect platter of nachos after so, so long!


Next, we tried the chef’s favourite – Chicken Schezwan Pasta which came with garlic bread. The garlic bread was a little burnt but I have got to admit, garlic breads at University places really are getting good. The penne was slightly overcooked, but the sauce was a piquant preparation. The sweet Chinese Schezwan sauce with bell peppers went rather well with the pasta and made for an interesting fusion.


Pepper MyWay was another brilliant dish – the chef was trying something new instead of what was mentioned on the menu was we decided to give that a shot. Grilled chicken breast infused with spices and topped with bechamel sauce, served with tossed veggies and herbed rice. The chicken was very palatable and the bechamel sauce is simply ambrosial. The accompaniments worked pretty well, I would have liked the veggies a little more on the bland side, the rice were done nicely though.


Visit Echoes for a holistic experience, fusion pasta and chicken mains.

Find them here.