So what’s your flavour?

With Nando’s debuting in Delhi a couple of years back with a kickass reception, the folk had a taste and relish for Peri Peri grilled chicken. So, when Barcelos, was introduced in the posh Khan Market, the response was probably the mild flavour of their Lemon herb sauce but being the first one to introduce the Black burger in the city and subsequently a Messy Red one, they became the talk of the town, shooting to the red, hot Very Peri Sauce.

The ambiance is pretty classic, spread over two floors, wooden, warm interiors and tables big enough for your BIG appetite. Their USP besides the widely raged on coloured burgers is the assortment of Portuguese dishes that they offer at a pretty reasonable cost. Molecular gastronomy being the ext big thing, they also serve Nitrogen laden cocktails and mocktails, although their bottomless Coke (or any aerated drink) for just 85INR is a steal deal.


The widely popular Black burger, with lettuce, a slightly under-dressed patty and the unconventional, a slice of eggplant, average fries and peri peri mayonnaise. A treat to the eyes but slightly bitter, not so much for the soul.


Au contraire, the messy red burger, the soft bun seasoned with beetroot extracts, lettuce, a grilled chicken patty and gherkins loaded with spicy, messy dressing. The dripping sauces and perfectly done patty leave you in exhilaration.


The classic mild peri grilled chicken. I couldn’t help but compare it to its predecessor in the city, Nando’s – the portion was definitely bigger so the juicy tenderness and oozing flavours were missing.


Chicken Galito – A fresh sub cut in half and served with a very refreshing salad. Grilled chicken pieces, bell pepper flinged with yogurt and taziki sauce- a wholesome, healthy meal.


Fresh pita bread stuffed with mild peri peri chicken and classic salad. The whiff of fresh yeast and toast with peri peri sauce makes it another delectable little-plate.


Chicken espetada with potato wedges, peri peri mayonnaise and salad. Another famous Peri Peri delicacy, the succulent pieces of chicken, marinated in savoury peri peri with grilled onions and capsicum, served hung on a skewer is a seemly preparation. However, the same dish at Nando’s is beyond perfection. None the less, the potato wedges were juicy and crispy and the salad, though lacking any dressing, still very appetizing.


Chicken trinchada with flavoursome rice. Tender bite sized pieces of chicken, slow-cooked with bell pepper and peri peri sauce, this main dish is among the best that Barcelos has to offer to you. Not to miss.


Chicken cataplana. Another main dish so scrumptious that it will bewitch your mind and snare the senses. Served in a copper dish with toothsome rice, grilled chicken thighs with crunchy bell pepper, olives and chickpeas. The tangy cataplana sauce and tender chicken pieces make for a delish dish. A must have.

The main dishes are not to miss, so are the drinks.

Find the Cafe – Shop 57, Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003