Sunday Favourite.

If you live in North India or have ever lived in States with heavy dominance of the Punjabi culture, you are sure to have come across the Sunday tradition of gorging on a plate of Rajma Chawal.

This little joint called Parashar Foods or more commonly known as Shankar Market ke Mashoor Rajma Chawal Wale is joint in Connaught Place that serves Rajma Chawal, Choley Chawal, Soya Chaap Chawal, Shahi Paneer Chawal and a modest thali. All the dishes are priced from 50 to 70 INR.

Like many other old shops and eating joints in Delhi, this place too has two shops side by side, both claiming to be the older one and both serving meals identical in price and taste.


Rajma Chawal!

A plate of Rajma Chawal costs 50INR – Steamed rice, smeared over with deliciously prepared Rajma, mint chutney, sliced onions, boondi raita and crushed papad. The distinctive flavours especially the crunchiness of the papad went very well with the rice. A must have for all Rajma Chawal lovers!