The Aura of Auro Kitchen & Bar!


Auro is a place set away from the hustle and bustle of hauz Khaz Village,with a very classy feel to its interiors, it actually can serve as an amazing date place. Even the huge outdoor seating is perfect for a date night in this weather. Candle light on each table, huge lighting fixtures, plush couches and see through glasses everything add to the Aura at Auro!

Even the music is perfect, while in many places it is just ignored; this place actually played a blissful collection!

Coming to the food,Chef Vaibhav with his knowledge of local Konkan Cuisine has created a menu that is short but crisp, the idea behind is to give the customer bar nibbles and a light dinner in that seating! The flavors are inspired from down South from Goa to Bengal, it covers a whole variety of true masterpiece dishes of South India!
First up was a Goan Classic, Vindaloo Pork Ribs is a much loved dish because of the Vindaloo flavors, pair them with succulent pork ribs they were relished thoroughly.


Chicken Liver on Toast. Seasoned with chilies this one is quite spicy and with really tender pieces of char grilled chicken packing a blast of flavors! While the chicken and its preparation as a topping was ambrosial the quality of toast was below expectation.


I paired this with two mocktails, their mocktails are great and I’m waiting for the day they get their liquor license so that I could have those flavors with a bit of alcohol! So first up was the Yuzu lemonade, a bubbly concoction of extract of yuzu with soda and lime this one is sour but packs a refreshing punch!

Next mocktail was the Flower Power and you can figure out why, strong flavors of chamomile, honey cordial and lime with ginger ale, this one is for a niche audience as not everybody loves the flavors of chamomile!

Next up the Dalle Chilli and lemongrass Chicken, while this seems like a Vietnamese dish of chicken it was skewered on dried sugarcane revamped with chillies from Sikkim! This was a slightly disappointing dish, the flavor of lemongrass was hardly there and as chilli goes it wasn’t spicy at all. Even the Sugarcane extracted the juiciness of the chicken and this it was falling apart very easily.


Last up was the Main Course, while I wanted to try Haleem and as it’s very standard dish I chose against it. So the Main course for the eveing was Chorizo Black Eyed Stew.


Stew of black-eyed beans or Lobia and chorizo which is typically pork was bursting with rich smoky flavors mixed with a tomato based gravy, having this with the native POEEE bread traditionally made in Goan Household, well you know you have reached satiation.

While people go for desserts for ultimate satiation, I was satiated to the core and well full to the belly, so thus gave a miss to the desserts!

Anyhow this place is a must visit for anyone with a mood for a spectacular date night in the open air, just wait for a few weeks for their license to come through!

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