5 must have Momos in McLeodganj

Our work-cation to McLeodganj was not just limited to Coffee and Cake, we chomped on roadside momos at every stop we made. From regular steamed to fried, the charm of these momos included mutton stuffing, a juicy shallow fry, bao style momos, which seemed much like stuffed ting-mo and Shafale.

Now that momos have become the most common sighting in Delhi, one thing that the vendors back home never get right is the chutney. The chutney up in the hills was not just a blop, but super freshly ground with chillies and garlic, and the freshness could be tasted in each bite. And the heat gets neutralized by the gushes of cool air, can it ever get better than that?

If you are planning to take a trip to McLeodganj anytime soon, you cannot miss out on these FIVE special momos.

1. The Regular Steamed

The no-frills momos are extra special in the hills, thanks to all sorts of stuffing options – spinach and greens, aloo and mutton in addition to the regular paneer and chicken ones. But also the freshest chutney and mayo that they are served with.

Mutton Momos Mcleodganj

Steamed mutton momos at Jimmy’s Tibetan Cuisine were the juiciest of their kind. The place also serves the best chicken Hakka noodles

Steamed momos Mcleodganj

The chicken ones are aced by a vendor opposite United Restaurant and Cafe. Lightly flavored chicken and steamed to perfection.

2. Fried Momos

Unlike the city’s deep-fried version, these are shallow fried, on each side, making them extra crunchy and juicy from inside. Dunk in the cool mayonnaise for subtle flavors and the chilly sauce for some more heat.

Fried Momos

This is also from the vendor opposite United Restaurant and Cafe. The juiciest chicken fried momos ever. Try and get your hands on the mutton ones as well.

3. Kothey

Much like pan-fried gyoza, Kothey is the crunchy pan-fried version of the Tibetan momos. Adding a crunch to the regular momos, Kothey offer the best of both worlds – the crunch and soft dumplings, and the juiciest meat stuffing.

Mutton Kothey Mcleodganj

Mutton Kothey and Egg Thukpa at United Restaurant and Cafe. Two flights up, this rooftop restaurant has good comfort food, crunchiest Kothey, and the chilliest chilly potatoes.

4. Shafale

Sha Fale or Shabale – something like a fried Calzone, my first encounter with this momo was here in Delhi itself. (Check Noodle Bowl in Dwarka if you find the chance) Huge calzone shaped fried momos are super crispy and make for a complete meal. Usually stuffed with meat, also tried a version with potatoes opposite the Dalai Lama Temple. Found that version slightly bland but the chutney made up for it.

Chicken Shafale

Chicken Shafale and fresh garlic and chilly chutney at Jimmy’s Tibetan Cuisine

Aloo Shafale Mcleodganj

Aloo Shafale opposite Dalai Lama Temple

5. Dhapu Momo

Very similar to steamed baos, this was more along the lines of stuffed Ting-Mo (the traditional steamed Tibetan bread) Thick fermented skin, steamed momos stuffed with either roughly mashed potatoes or a mix of fresh greens.

Dhapu Momos

Aloo and spinach stuffed momos, same vendor opposite the Dalai Lama Temple

Be sure to check out all these interesting momos whenever you are in Mcleodganj next.