Why ChompSlurrpBurp?

We have been asked countless times, how two people with such different backgrounds happened to be in a completely different field. And we love to tell the story each time we are asked.

So, I thought of penning it down.

Once upon a time Oh well, we were in school together and we went restaurant hopping since. Those were the days of KFC, Subway and an off chance (in days of more dough) Pizza Hut. TGIF was the first place we went out for a fancy AF meal returning only once as I recall. We were on an expedition to try all the different kind of meats, cuisines, and flavors Delhi had to offer.

Chomp!Slurrp!Burp! was my Photography project in my third semester as a Knitwear Design student. We went gallivanting through the streets of Chandni Chowk and that adventure translated into this blog. We love well-crafted meals as much as we love roadside momos. And dawdle between the two often, the former winning over the latter.

We love to cook, visit new places and in the near future, travel in search of deliciousness.

We would love to hear from you all 🙂