Hi! Welcome to Chomp! Slurrp! Burp!

From restaurant hopping after extra classes on Saturdays during our school days to exploring the creeks and crevices of Chandni Chowk armed with our cameras, Chomp!Slurrp!Burp! started with expeditions to local cafes escalating to measuring the lengths of the city hunting for some off-beat flavors and sumptuous classics.

Hi! My name is Isha Saxena. I am a fashion merchandiser with keen interest in knitting, fashion and photography. Coming from a family of big foodies, I have grown up slicing, whipping and baking things. A peppy shade of yellow, a good murder mystery, well-cooked meats, the perfect margherita pizza and rustic alfresco cafes are instant crushes. Currentl

And I am Sankalp Sharma, a tech wizard with a knack of taking things apart, robotics and digging into the depths of Android. I share my heart among food, a passion for photography, TV series and travelling. When not looking for the perfect plate of momos, I love trying exotic delicacies, experimenting with the varied kinds of meats and can’t go to long without gorging on some desi butter chicken and dal makhni.

After daily visits to the school canteen, as college kicked in, our food quests became more intriguing and elaborate.  And now, hardly a week goes by when we don’t go for some serious chomping! We love to experiment with food and you can always count on us to try something eccentric. Visiting new eateries, exploring the streets and food porn are a high. We have currently been trotting in Delhi and Gurgaon, constantly looking to expand our horizons.

Join us on our journey as we knit memories through the city, travelling, clicking, devising and hogging!