50 Shades of Dimsums!

Dimsum, Dimsum and more Dimsums, Kylin Premier has a dimsum fest, 50ShadesOfDimsum going on for all Dimsum Lovers.
A vast variety of Dimsums , some really exquisite and some hot favorites. We were there to try them all, an exorbitant feast to gorge on these soulfully delicious dumplings with exotic stuffings.

Kylin Premier and Kylin Skybar are the birth child of Saurabh of the Welgrow Group. The theme of this place is to attract the customers to have the nearly authentic experience of the East!

The Skybar is one to visit during the evening, The lush green surrounding with a live Kitchen will surely make your evening worth while!

We started with some drinks,New Zeland Sling and Mandrin Ice Tea. The taste of Cucumbers and Kiwi in the NZ Sling, infused together with loads of crushed ice. The flavors of kiwi were ultra fine and could have been more but none the less a truly refreshing drink. I also tried the Italian Smooch, a perfect mix for ginger Ale, coke with a hint of line and mint!

We started with Five Spice Veg and Five Spice Veg Pan Fried Kothe, 3 pieces per plate the portions do seem meagre. Never the less, Steamed well with fresh vegetables and a thin skin truly classic signs of a perfect Dimsum. The Pan fried version was also really good.


Spicy Pork Kothe and Sweet Pork Baos came next, These two were my favorites, Even though I am not a Pork Lover but the flavours in the filling were so stimulating that it heightened my taste buds, I had quite a few rounds of these. A must try!
The Sweet Pork Baos had juicy filling and were on top of a bed of sweet sauce which was a perfect fit with Bao.


With seafood comes Prawns, Prawns Hargow and Prawn Sui Mai! The Cantonese origin Hargow with juicy prawn which is just barely visible through its clear dumpling skin was definitely a tease to the senses. The Prawn Sui Mai was also delicious but I would go with the Prawn Hargow!


Every Dimsum here can be paired with a curry for a nominal amount, Thus Lamb Thai Ginger in Green curry followed.Finely minced lamb with subtle hints of ginger stuffed inside a thin skin. It was served on a bed of Thai Green Curry, which was slightly overpowered the taste of dimsums.


Next was the really exquisite Leafy Dimsums,Simple stuffing but the a Palak Leaf as a covering, The idea was simple yet so amazing! The slight bitterness of the palak leaf was balanced with the juicy stuffing inside!


After this round we noticed that the skins are also made out of different flours, some had spring roll sheets, and some had Italian flour, some simple flour and the spinach leaf.

Green Chilli Sui Mai, Lamb BBQ and Mushroom and Corn were the next in line, The lamb BBQ tasted much like simple lamb dimsums. The Chilli sui Mai were extraordinary, the chilli flavor was infused very well with the filling inside.
Mushroom and Corn weren’t that special, though they looked really appetizing.


Having tried prawns, we went for Mixed Seafood Hot Basil next. The filling was again ambrosial, really juicy and fresh seafood, minced together inside a soft skin. The flavor of Basil was very minute and I really would have loved to see how these strong flavors could be combined.


We also tried the Wonton Soups, people do not usually prefer Wonton Soups but we tried the Chicken and the vegetarian Wonton Soup. Wonton a simple, light Chinese classic whether in soup or fried, their shapes are really intriguing, like the cloud shaped wonton we had in our clear soup. The preparations here are Top Notch!

Then came the Money Bags, A delight to the eyes!
Wrapped in spring roll sheets with juicy filling inside these were mouth watering!
Taking the whole piece at once was a task but the flavors that oozed inside were orgasmic!

We ended our elaborate feast with some Chocolate Wontons. Fried Wontons with a piece of snicker bar inside served with classic vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This unique wonton was a sure hit. A must try!


A must try,Green Chilli Sui Mai, Pork Sweet Bao, Leafy Prawn,Prawn Hargow and the Chocolate Wonton!

These crafty preparations of Dimsums are sure elate any person!

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