Irani Cafe trails in Pune

Irani Cafes have an unrequited charm that keeps you hooked. Delhi does not have many options, Mumbai remains a haven for these, as for Pune, the options are not as many. But I managed to visit a few to gobble keema and biryani. But here is a trail of Irani cafes that you HAVE to check out when you are in Pune. (Maybe spanned out over two days though.)


Irani Cafe is one of those bustling cafes, with a great in-house bakery serving fresh bread and biscuits and a crisp menu. Classic red and white tablecloths, keema samosas, keema pavs, chai, raspberry soda and lots of cheesy omelettes. Their keema samosas are a must, must have!

Irani Cafe (7)

Cheesy omelette, keema samosa and special Irani Chai


Cafe Yezdan is located in the heart of Pune, and looked much like Indian Coffee Home to me. People having long conversations over with multiple helpings of chai, bun maska and scrambled eggs with salli. Visit Cafe Yezdan for a doze of old world charm and a lot of Parsi quick bites.


Boasting of a long heritage, this restaurant has stories papered all over, Parsis from Pune and old antics. One I clearly remember is of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor landing here late at night and gobbling on their biryani. Their chicken biryani is amazingly famous and very wholesome. Do visit them for warm hospitality and don’t forget to take walks down in Old Pune.

Dhorabjees (4)

Mutton keema, pav, Parsi Rotli, chicken biryani and curry


Located on FC Road, a hub for street shopping, Cafe Goodluck is another casual Iranian cafe. The best part, their menu is pretty extensive, so you have lots of options to choose from – eggs, curries and also some North Indian classics. This one is saved for the next visit to Pune but do check them out here in case you guys visit Pune.
Until next time and a new adventure.