Aloe Lemonade – the newest natural by RAW Pressery

The RAW Pressery ensures you lead a healthy lifestyle despite the crazy work hours, crazier party hours and all the stress that encompasses our lives. They have 100% Natural cold pressed juices, detox juices and detox diets. You can order yourself a diet that suits your needs and detox for one day with juices, 100% natural, and nothing else.
Read all about my detox day with RAW Pressery here. I first tried their Aloe Lemonade as a complimentary shot with my FIBER CLEANSE detox diet and they have now launched it as a full time product. 100% aloevera juice, lemonade, mint and a strong hint of ginger which gives this a kicking punch.

RAW Aloe (2)

RAW Aloe Lemonade

RAW Pressery is available on Big Basket, Amazon and you can also build your own bundle on their site here.
Price – 60INR for one bottle of Aloe Lemonade (250mL)
Their cleanses for one day start from about 1400INR