Andrea's Eatery – the travel itinerary

As much as each one of us would like to just pack our bags and get going, exploring places, it is not practically possible at the spur of the moment. However, you can take a mini world tour while you enjoy your brunch at Andrea’s Eatery with it’s world cuisine menu. The cafe that has been the talk of the town as soon as it was launched is sure to sweep you away with its world cuisine, infinite options, Indian fusions, organic initiatives and farm fresh preparations.

Select City Walk Saket

Located in place of Amici, Andrea’s Eatery sees a lot of traffic throughout the day and there is almost always a waiting. My tip – reach around 12.00 Noon for brunch and then trot away shopping

Start with some thirst quenchers – we started with fresh coolers. Siam Watermelon Cooler – fresh watermelon juice, lemongrass and watermelon seeds. Green Apple Basilico Spiritz – fresh cut green apple bits, cucumber, basil and soda.

Siam Watermelon Cooler and Green Apple Basilico Spritz

Yum Kai Yang Salad (Isan, Thailand) – this super refreshing Thai salad is perfect for brunch. Lemongrass and Kaffir lime marinade, grilled chicken, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and litchi tossed in a spicy Asian dressing. The sweet and spicy flavors and juicy chicken are delicious to bits.
Andreas Eatery (4)

Yum Kai Yang Salad

Chicken Krapow and Yella Habibi Pizza – half and half – whoever invented half and half pizza is a pure genius. Two different flavors of pizzas in one pie gives you one too many reasons to relish the hand stretched pizzas. The chicken krapow – chicken with basil, bird eye chilly, runner beans on a garlic base; Yella Habibi – garlic chicken oven roasted tomatoes, fire roasted chilli, aioli, lebaneh and fresh parsley. The fresh hand stretched bread with delicious mozzarella is super fresh and appetizing.
Pizza from amici

Chicken Krapow and Yella Habibi pizza

Pancakes – fluffy pancakes, served with maple syrup, nutella, fresh fruits and dusted with caster sugar. Fluffy, soft, pour over some maple syrup and spread some nutella and enjoy the wonderful pancakes with fresh melon and kiwi slices.

Morning staples- Pancakes

Cremino – coffee and amaretto infused together with layers of Bavarian Mascarpone cheese and dusted with a layer of unsweetened cocoa. The tantalizing dessert is creamy and a decadent treat for coffee lovers.
Andreas Eatery (10)

Desserts at Andrea’s

Andreas Eatery (12)


Andrea’s Eatery is a pure delight and apt for a trip around the world while you are lunchin’ here. Don’t miss out of the desserts and salads.
Where? 2nd Floor, Select City Walk
Price for two – 2800 INR
Cuisine – World Cuisine
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