Back to School with Odeon Social

The third installment of Social made its appearance in Connaught Place at Odeon cinemas with a back to school concept. A huge elevator welcomes you creating the perfect illusion for behind it is one of those old school huge staircases. You are greeted by servers who are dressed in school uniforms. An ode to your Alma Mater, Odeon Social is a school equipped with a bar. Skeletons from the Biology lab, wooden boards, typewriters, vintage telephones and a cutlery stand made from wooden rulers are just a few attractions. Banta bottles line up the bar and the balcony has old school wooden swings that take you down the nostalgic road in no time.

This newbie of the Social family also has a new menu presented on a wooden clipboard which includes many desi delicacies, more additions to their breakfast menu and pasta tiffin boxes.

Invited here exculusively to try their elaborate breakfast spread – we got our hands on some delectable dishes, very different from the English bacon and eggs.

Started the day with a oldie kadak chai and biscuits.

kadak chacookie ahoy

Granola with fresh fruits – oats, chunks of granola topped with fresh fruits – a delightful and nutritious kickstart. The crunch of granola and soft oats went very well together.

Blueberry pancakes – Another classic and favourite at Social – soft pancakes with a centre of blueberry extracts served with maple syrup, whipped cream and butter.

blueberry pancakes

Riyaaz’s Breakfast of Champions – Irish coffee, steak sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Anda shaami and milkshake. Espresso brewed with Irish whisky and topped with whipped cream, very alluring not just to the taste buds but to the eyes as well. The sandwich, very meaty and fresh. The anda shaami came in a soft pao, keema wrapped in an egg white omelette, the keema felt a little dry. The PBJ sandwiches and milkshake completing the ensemble.

Hardy’s Bhai Ishtyle Breakfast – Keema Ghotala, bun maska, masala chai and khari biscuit. Keema ghotala was a thick keema dish topped with a fried egg and whipped up heavily with cream. The cream sort of undermined the flavours of the meat but never the less it was an ambrosial preparation. The ghotala went brilliantly not just with pao but also with the khari biscuits.

Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast – a mix stuffed parantha, choley, samosa, onions, fried aloo, flavoured lassi and chai. The huge parantha, generously topped with makhan, stuffed to bits with the toothsome choley and lassi made for the perfect Punjabi day-breaker. Add on the samosa and chai, and you are totally going out of the place with a rounder belly.

Anda Seekh Parantha – A malabari parantha of sorts, topped with an egg and served with succulent seekh kebab and mint chutney.

anda shami

Although, each breakfast tray comes with a drink to go along with, I also indulged in another favourite from Social – the Ferrero Rocher shake!

fererro rocher shake

To end it all, we gorged on some sinful chocolatey desserts.

Layer cake – chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, caramel mousse and nutty chocolate mousse topped with hard white chocolate and served with hot chocolate sauce. Pour in the sauce or enjoy it without, this scrumptious dessert will make you week in the knees!

chocolate layer cake with hot chocolate sauce

Chocolate blood bath – The famous blood bath by Social felt a little bit different this time, I remembered it having three scoops but none the less – the dessert still was undoubtedly very sapid. Chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse and top with white and dark chocolate sauces. Blood will splatter if it is asked to be shared!!

chocolate bloodbath

The keema ghotala, steak sandwich, Irish coffee, pancakes and granola with fresh fruits were the highlights of my day and I can not wait to go back to try the new entrants on their menu. So, stay tuned for “Odean Social – 2.o”!

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