BED for mulled wine and exemplary grub

BED – Beverage, Entertainment and Dining is a clever analogy to the sleeping beds but is completely reversed in the essence. This party place is a hot destination in the evenings with some stellar cocktails. The lunch scene is a little subdued but the food they dish out is out of this world with perfectly balanced flavors and spot on preparations. The jubilant vibe resonates through the gorgeous bar, blue walls, bright red couches and monochrome frames. They also have a terrace, so that’s a party+brunch plus!

We started with outstanding cocktails – Popcorn Sour, Jalapeno margarita and Mulled wine. The mulled wine was so, so good – simmered to a flavorsome sweetness, spiked with cardamom, star anise and orange, this was an absolute winter treat. The popcorn sour is one of their classics and again a must try thanks to the buttery, caramel twist to the classic.

We began with Minestrone soup with a cherry tomato bruschetta – a thick tomato broth with whole diced vegetables was very soulful. But the best part was the outlandish bruschetta – the butter, fresh bread with whole cherry tomatoes, basil leaf and a slice of mozzarella. Absolutely delightful.

Trio of bruschetta – cherry tomatoes, roasted mushrooms and creamed veggies – the cherry tomatoes are supple with a bit of basil and cheese; the roasted mushrooms are exquisite with parsley; the creamed vegetables could use a little more seasoning but again, so good. Sizzling prawn gambas – served in a heavy bottom pan, fresh prawns, cherry tomatoes, black and green olives sizzling with olive oil and served with some fresh garlic bread. The freshness of this dish sweeps you off your feet. Baked Phyllo cups – freshly baked, buttery cups filled with crunchy vegetables and cheese. The fresh canape bakes are slightly buttery and pack a pop of flavors. Chicken Espetada – served with Fattoush salad, the Peri Peri grilled chicken was succulent and flavorsome to the core. Complimenting the power packed chicken, the lightly dressed fresh Fattoush salad goes perfectly with it.

Caesar salad sushi – this was one of a kind – iceberg lettuce, crunchy cucumber, nori and soft chicken, this was absolutely charming. Philadelphia cheese and salmon sushi – this too was a delicacy, rice wrapped in nori topped with a piece of fresh salmon and Philadelphia cheese. Dunk it in soy for the full impact!
BED (16)

Caesar salad sushi

BED (20)

Philadelphia cheese and salmon roll

Mezze Platter – fresh pita bread, lavaash chips, hummus, black gram hummus, tzatziki, beet root tzatziki, baba ganoush, muhammara and delicious crispy falafel. Both the hummus were made to a smooth and yummy consistency. The falafel – super crispy on the outside and moist on the inside with just the right balance.
BED (23)

Mezze Platter

Four cheese stuffed chicken – Chicken bread stuffed with a medley of cheese, topped with rosemary jus, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. The balance between the chicken and stuffed cheese was a little off which made this dish one shilling short of the top notch.
BED (25)

Stuffed chicken

BED (24)
We finished our fantastic meal with a molten chocolate cake – the perfect chocolate ganache centre with home made ice cream and meringues. The sweet treat was the perfect end to the meal.
BED (27)

Molten chocolate cake

BED dishes out delicious lunches and acts as a perfect party place. The must haves include the bruschetta platter, their unique sushi preps and the mulled wine.
Where? BED, N Block, GK1
Price for two – 3000INR approx
Cuisine – European, Japanese, Bar
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