Blow away midnight hunger pangs with Flying Kukkad

Flying Kukkad is a speedy midnight delivery outlet delivering across Gurgaon. With a peppy green Kukkad flying away with a fork and knife, the outlet delivers a variety of Mughlai deliciousness, Lebanese and Continental.

Tried an extensive spread from them. Starting with Kashmiri Bharwa Aloo – halved potatoes with skin, stuffed with paneer and crunchy masalas and a sweet tinge of sweetness with raisins made for a gorgeous start.

Malai Kukkad tikka – humongous pieces, succulent and lathered with a creamy melt in your mouth texture. Joojeh kebab – again beautiful pieces of marinated chicken grilled to a tandoori perfection with a hint of saffron, a classic Iranian appetizer.


Chicken tenders – chicken strips cut with a crumbly coating and fried to a very crispy and juicy chicken fingers.


Pudina Kukkad – on bone pieces, fried with butter and with a lot of pudnia spices and ginger topping.Cooked in butter the pudina chicken was absolutely wonderful and a true Punjabi preparation with dollops of butter.


Veg Mezze Platter – Falalfel kebabs, hummus, pita bread and paneer shawarma – soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, the falafel kebabs were just the right amount of moist. The pita bread was a little dry but couple it with the falfael and hummus. Paneer shawarma – lightly grilled – the paneer shanks stuffed inside were beautiful.


Chicken schnitzel strips – chicken breasts crumb coated and fried served with flavorsome mayo and an olive residue with lettuce leaves. Dip it in the mayo and enjoy with the greens.


Cajun spiced chicken burger with Chocolate Mafia shake. A sesame seed topped huge bun with lettuce, tomatoes and cajun spiced pound chicken patty and cheese. The burger was so orgasmic in just one night. Chocolate shake – nowadays, the outlets have really heightened their game with glass bottles being employed for shakes, smoothies and juices, this bottle of plastic was a tad unappealing and the shake inside, not too great too!


Dal makhni, makhani kukkad, ghar ka bakra desi, butter naan and tandoori parantha. Creamy dal makhni, butter chicken – a tad too sour thanks to the tomato rich gravy, succulent mutton pieces in a home style mutton gravy. Pair it with nicely done breads.


Try Flying Kukkad for their beautiful options. They deliver their Indian section for lunch and dinner and their Lebanese and Continental spread throughout the day and night. Their mezze platter and chicken schnitzel is yummilicious and I can’t stop raving about their ghar ka bakra desi. They could definitely add a bit more appeal to their packaging!

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