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An ode to the incredible Indian Army, Bunker is probably as close you can get to a real one. Dimly lit, covered with canvas, military colors, camouflage prints, net separators, antics about wars and framed momentos. This place is the ultimate ballad to Army men and they even offer a lot of deals and discounts for Armed Forces personnel and their families.

They have an incredible mixologist, fondly called Enrique, and their cocktails portions are huge and the balance is mind boggling. Had one of the best Mojitos with just the right amount of sweetness, loads of mint and vodka. Also tried Fauji tharra with vodka, gin, tequila, bacardi, sambuca and blue curacao. Salute with vodka, whisky, wine, pineapple juice, litchi juice – the vodka, whisky and wine combination was no doubt very deadly and delectable. Lieutenant’s Punch – Old monk, lemon juice and orange juice.

Start with their complementary masala fries which comes with a ketchup squirt gun – juicy home recipe with a fun masala works as a perfect munchin’ option with the huge drinks.
bunker (15)

Masala fries

Cheese Torpedo – bread rolled up and stuffed with cheese and chopped up assortment of veggies and deep fried, served with pesto mayo. The rolls were a tad greasy but oh so good. The torpedos stuffed with molten cheese and crunchy veggie, especially combining it with pesto mayo was delectable.
bunker (18)

Cheese Torpedo rolls with melted delectable cheese and veggies

Grilled chicken strips with barbecue sauce – pounded chicken strips grilled on skewers and served with the flavorsome amalgamation of sauces. The best thing about this place was how well they dodged their combinations. The skewers on their own were good enough but the flavoursome sauce made it lipsmacking.
bunker (19)

Grilled chicken skewer strips

Minty Lamb Bites – Pounded lamb made into bite sized meatballs infused with mint and served with the barbecue sauce concoction. The meatballs are cooked with the fat together to bind it which adds a distinctive odor to them. Even though the mint adds a refreshing punch but the small didn’t work very well in my favor.
bunker (20)

Minty meatballs

Coming to their signature Drone Pizza – a drone shaped pizza wrapped like a ring and stuffed with cheese and choice of topping, err stuffings. Freshly baked pizza stuffed with loads and loads of cheese, crispy bell pepper and shards of crispy succulent chicken. Cut a piece and pull apart the savory cheesy piece, dunk in some pesto and voila – a very scrumptious and gratifying preparation.
bunker (7)
bunker (6)

Drone pizza served with pesto mayo.

Finished up the meal with fried ice cream – crunchy balls of ice cream, battered and deep fried and topped with chocolate sauce. Many places boast of fried ice creams but I have never been sport enough to try them. This however, was class apart and very palatable.
bunker (8)

Bite sized fried ice cream balls topped with chocolate sauce

Bunker for the groovy music, their masala fries, HUGE and excellent cocktails and Drone pizza.
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