Chandni Chowk – Mini part 2

Chandni Chowk doesn’t just amount to a metro station for Delhiites but a whole world of gorgeousness and old world charms. We undertook our second mini walk, mini because it was cut short by the humidity. We finally managed to hit Lotan ke choley kulche and gobbled up some more at Shyaam Sweets.
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Lotan ke choley kulche wala – the place is particularly tricky to find. The best way – Navigate your way till Shyam sweets, with Jama Masjid on your right, there is a crevice diagonally right which reaches directly to Lotan ke choley kulche wala. It would take almost 10minutes for you to wait for your turn. Also make sure you specify your spice level – we opted for a mild one, the least spicy one they come in. Topped with juliennes of ginger, choley are boiled and tossed with delish mirchi masala and served with buttered kulcha. The choley are not for the fainthearted because these are super spicy.

Chandni chowk (1)

Lotan ke choley kulche

Shyaam Sweets – Nagori halwa is a flavorsome sweet made in desi ghee and served with aloo ki sabzi and flat sooji pooris, bearing much reminiscence to sooji ke golgappe. Bedmi poori fried to crispiness and served with aloo ki sabzi which was super spicy and toothsome. Wash it down with their amazing and refreshing meethi lassi.
Chandni chowk (4)

Nagori halwa

Chandni chowk (5)

Bedmi poori aur aloo ki sabzi

Chandni chowk (6)

Lassi – the bestest!

There are innumerable places that we still need to uncouth. And until next time, happy chomping!