Delicacies at Indigo Delicateseen

Already a rage in Mumbai, Indigo Deli made its debut (more like re-debut) in Delhi/Gurgaon. Indigo deli gives you all sorts of breakfast munching, reading a book, sipping coffee goals. Equipped with a kickass bakery and beautiful open kitchen, the classic, twisted, signature dishes come to life with the finest ingredients.

We started with soups. Curry leaf tempered lentil soup with chickpea fritters and ginger infused seafood bisque with basa beignet. The best part about both the soups was the fritters, the chickpea and basa completely bowled us over.


Salads – we tried four of their all time specials. Starting with grilled vegetables with heart of plum, salad greens, spiced walnut brittle and honey mustard dressing. Simply put, a house special honey mustard dressing with the bombaiyya Chikki adding a solid crunch.


Citrus salad – their signature fruit salad is VitC on the high. Citrus fruits, salad greens, onions, olives, and feta cheese.


Wine poached pear with arugula, caramelized gorgonzola,spiced pecans and wine reduction. Spiced nuts, poached pear, wine, aragula leaves and caramalized gorgonzola. The salty cheese boaded well with the wine reduction but this one was a bit pungent for my taste.


Caeser Salad – made classic with anchovies and their twist, parma ham, poached egg, lettuce and crumbs. The crunchy lettuce, warm poached egg and ham made for one hell of a twisted Classic Caeser.


The best thing about their salads was the perfect balance among greens, meat, cheese and crunch.


For drinks, I started with one of their cold pressed fresh juices – red apple, carrot and a hit of ginger. Pretty refreshing.


Their caffeine collection is almost addictive. They haven’t got their liquer license yet, but their coffee collection will give you a high kick. Tried their Guatemela genuine Atigua – served in a French Press, a smooth, medium brewed, sweet and slightly chocolaty piece of art.


Mocha chocolate frappe – okay so I love my coffee – steaming hot but also the cool shake with dollops of whipped cream. This one was one of the finest cold coffees – a double espresso, chocolate and lots and lots of whipped cream.


For appetizers – wok tossed fried chicken – a day special intended to be introduced as a bar nibble. Wok tossed tempura chicken tossed wit mustard seeds, curry leaves, boriya chilly and toned down with coocnut milk. Lemon butter calamari aioli – fresh calamari tossed with garlic aioli and butter, very subtle and appetizing.

A half and half wafer thin crust pizza – Chorizo and scormorza and barbeque chicken – a hand tossed thin crust pizza with melt in your mouth cheese and meaty toppings. The chorizo was ofcourse preferred but the barbeuqe chicken drenched in sauce was needless to say savory to the core.


For maincourse – 1/4kilo of char grilled filet mignon with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. A well done steak drizzled over with red wine sauce, the perfect mashed potatoes, smoked onion and garlic. Creamy mashed potatoes and onion were the perfect accompaniments to the well done, slightly chewy (which happens if a steak is well done) steak. If their well done steak is this goos, I can only imagine the rare ones.


Day special fish – herb crusted halibut with vanilla compressed cucmber salad, celery emulsion and gribiche slaw. A tender and succulent fish with dollops of greens being countered with some juicy fruits over a diced boiled egg sauce. An exotic recipe, no doubt, but the flavors intermingled too much for my palate.


Half a ham & Swiss cheese sandwich with crisped bacon, aioli and cranberry chutney, grilled in ciabatta served with house salad and potato wedges. A perfect grilled sandwich with fresh, I mean extremely fresh ham and crisby bacon made irresistible with swiss cheese. The sandwich was simple and spot on.


After practically bursting out of pants, we did make space for the incredible dessert platter and good thing we did. Banana and Caramel pie, Brownie vs Cheesecake, Croissant Pudding with bourbon sauce and Apple olive oil cake along with their homemade ice cream. The banana and caramel pie is a take on banoffee pie and is fresh, just slightly sweet and the caramel drizzle is killer. Did I mention I am not a fan of bananas but couldn’t get enough of this dessert? Croissant pudding with bourbon sauce and apple olive oil cake both had mind boggling new flavors. The brownie v/s cheesecake was the best it could get, a classic chocolate brownie and cheesecake infused into one dessert. Life can’t get better.


We had the most amazing time at Indigo deli and I can’t wait to go back to try their Ice cream sundae and breakfast menu. Meanwhile you should definitely not miss on their extensive coffee collection, pizzas that make you drool and pretty much anything on their menu that you can get you hands on!


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