Dirty Apron – new Eurasian menu

Dirty Apron is the absolutely gorgeous restaurant dishing out Eurasian food that sits atop the Piano Man Jazz Bar. The cozy little place is filled with sunlight and is the ideal brunch place for Delhi winters. And you can always grab a bite before heading down for a beautiful Jazz evening.
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They have added some amazing new things to the menu – soul-warming soups, refreshing salads, and their sangria are simply amazing.

Soup and Salad

We started with Miso French Onion Soup and Chicken and Barley SoupA thick onion broth topped with a layer of cheese and baked – hearty and so filling. The chicken and barley broth come with a side of two garlic bread – smoked chicken, lots of chicken stock spiked with star anise and barley.

Dirty Apron The Piano Man Jazz Club

Miso French Onion Soup

Dirty Apron The Piano Man Jazz Club

Chicken and Barley Soup

Apple and Fennel Salad – green apple and fennel salad, walnuts, olives, and salad leaves. Topped with some Parmesan shavings, this classic from TPM Cafes is absolutely delightful and refreshing.

Dirty Apron The Piano Man Jazz Club
Sushi Tacos

Fried nori tacos, sticky rice, cucumber, cream cheese, and tempura fried prawns, drizzled over with soy. Served with soy, pickled vegetables, and wasabi balls, the sushi tacos are absolutely novel and such an interesting bite.

Dirty Apron The Piano Man Jazz Club

Sushi Tacos

For mains

We tried the Asian lamb Osso Buco with tamarind lemongrass sauceLamb shanks simmered and cooked in strong Asian flavors. Served over gobindobhog risotto with red radish and a thick lemongrass infused sauce. The lamb was so succulent that it fell right off the bone. Teamed with the mild risotto, the flavorsome lamb, made for a wholesome plate. Zaatar leg of chicken served with grilled vegetables and couscous and a pour of butter emulsion sauce. Marinated with Middle Easter Zaatar spices and grilled, this was slightly less mild than the flavorsome lamb shank nut the wholesome plate was again so satiating.


We gobbled on Hot fudge and TiramisuThree scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with salted nuts, chocolate sauce and a generous dripping of caramel which made this regular ice cream fudge all the more power packed. Tiramisu in a jar – coffee soaked cake, layer with fluffy cream!

The Eurasian restaurant is also much famed for their pizzas which I am going back for super soon and the tenacious and newest feather to their cap – The Piano Man Bakery. Don’t miss out on their French Onion Soup and Asian Osso Buco.
Where? The Dirty Apron, Safdarjung
Price for two – 2000 INR
Cuisine – Eurasian