#FoodTrucking – Pizza Truck by Lalit

Lalit Food Truck Company is the bright red truck by The Lalit group and they serve some delish burgers and brownies and can often be spotted parked at the Lalit itself if it is not driving away hunger pangs literally. This was our very first food truck before we were introduced to the world of Leisure Valley and innumerable food trucks. You can read all about it here. And next they launched the Lalit Pizza Truck which has no fixed location and in the true sense of a food truck roams about and breaks for the day at different places. We tried spotting the Pizza truck a number of times but the closest we came was to see it passing by or stuck in Delhi traffic. Years after the hunt, we finally got our hands on the cheesy pies at The Grub Fest.
Their menu is super crisp – they serve two vegetarian and two non vegetarian pizzas with options of more toppings. The Lalit Signature is the one that really blows your mind – thin crust, well baked pizza with caramelized onions, rocket leaves, mozzarela and feta cheese. The slight sweetness adds a smashing zing to the pie.


Lalit Signature – rocket leaves, feta, caramelized onions

Apart from the pepperoni, they have a chicken option too with grilled chicken bits, onions and orgasmic cheese.
june (3)

Chicken tikka pizza

Definitely our go to place whenever we are able to get our hands on their marvelous pies. Be sure to try their Signature pizza!