Foodtrucking with BurrpItUp

BurrpItUp is our latest find in the world of food trucks – we spotted the black WordClouded foodtruck and what attracted us most to it was probably the crisp menu and cheap prices. They have a range of sandwiches and wraps, waffles and shakes – the deal is pretty simple and you are covered up in under 100bucks.


We started with their chilly chicken momos – served alongside peri-peri sauce – stuffed with chicken, the skin could have been a lot more thinner and the chicken could have been juicier. The sauce served alongside though was pretty killer.


The drunken chicken sandwich – served in grilled brown bread – the juicy pieces of chicken and dressing were decent enough – what was needed was a better choice of bread and a little more profound taste of whatever was to make the chicken drunken 😛


Peri peri lamb wrap – a soft tortilla wrap grilled crispy – stuffed heartily with succulent pieces of marinated lamb and veggies tossed in peri-peri sauce. Dunk it in mayo to cool down the heat.


The chocolate and toffee waffles too were pretty good – loaded with chocolate sauce and ice cream, the toffee flavor was a tad bit on the lower end. The waffles were pretty soft but could have been more crispy.


A tweak here and a boost there and the flavors at Burrp It Up could really dazzle you. For now, do try their waffles though. 🙂