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Chakkhna…Beyond Peanuts is back with another brand and it is Fu Kin amazing. An Asian place with Chinese, Thai and a lot of unconventional fusions and additions and home favourite classics. They are still in the process of materializing their menu but we got a little preview and it was obviously awesome.

Fu. Kin (2)

The Spread by Fu. Kin.

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Clean, foolproof packaging, accompaniment sauces and complete with cutlery

Starting with chicken dimsums – they are doing veg and chicken dimsums in classic and schezwan, the more spicy version. Thin skinned stuffed with juicy and extremely fresh chicken served with a hot and spicy chutney. Bite sized, and amazingly fresh, these dimsums are delectable.
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Black pepper chicken drumsticks – chicken saucy lollipop are a thing of the past now, these black pepper chicken drumsticks are a refreshing change to the old school fusion. A black pepper rich sauce, its hot and super tantalizing with succulent juicy drumsticks.
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Crispy chilly eggplant – diced eggplant coated in cornflour and crispy tossed with onions and bell pepper. Again a very unusual preparation and very tantalizing.
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Cheese cigar rolls – an assortment of cheese and finely chopped vegetables wrapped in spring roll sheets and deep fried. I tried it with the sweet chilly sauce and they are a tad oily but an excellent preparation.

For the mains tried singapore chicken noodles, pineapple fried rice and veggies in black bean sauce. Well tossed and flavored, the Singapore noodles are the perfect street adaptation tossed with onions, bell pepper and crunchy shads of chicken with the perfect slight sweet tinge. The pineapple fried rice is quite an interesting whip, it could do without the peas though. Their veggies in black bean sauce is as good as some of the best Asian restaurants, perfectly balanced flavors and just the right consistency.
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Singapore chicken noodles

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Pineapple rice, veggies in black bean sauce and cripsy eggplant

Their pineapple and kafir lime cold soup is one of the best and freshest kafir lime and pineapple concoctions.
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Fu. Kin. for their offbeat Asian delights and don’t miss out on their cold soups this summer.
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