Fuel Up at Biker’s Cafe

American style cafes and bars are very common in Delhi NCR and the most riveting part is the zest that differentiates each American cafe from the other. The biker’s cafe brings to you life on an adventurous platter. With exhilarating quotes, red brick walls, rustic American vintage strokes, biker magazines, a sprawling bar and a Harley Davidson welcoming you, the cafe offers more than just a dandy ambiance – an outstanding playlist, a foosball table, air hockey and jenga that you can indulge in while you enjoy your meal and drinks. The bar has TV screens installed on all around it and you can catch the game while you enjoy your drink. I absolutely fall for places that build up the ambiance and take pride in the nitty-gritties – the pebble styled salt and pepper shakers and the wrench and spanner cutlery were absolutely splendid and impressive.

Biker’s cafe offers a lavish breakfast menu including a breakfast buffet as well as sumptuous desi and Amreeki delicacies. We started off with the welcome drink and savoring a few breakfast items – Chef’s style waffles and The Hangover down shifter.

Welcome drink

On a bed of dry ice – a green apple flavored welcome drink with pita chips and mayo.

The waffles were crisp and soft drizzled with chocolate sauce served with more chocolate sauce and maple syrup.

Chef's special waffles

The Hangover downshifter – a fluffy omelette stuffed with ham and served like a sandwich in a fresh, crisp bread lined with butter, lettuce and cucumbers. The dish was very simple, but very appetizing. The omelette was cooked very well with a distinct pepper flavor, and the lettuce and cucumbers balancing the ensemble with a cool gusto.

The hangover downshifter

Next, we tried one of the new items on their menu – Sharaabi Kukkad – and I have got to admit – one of the most tantalizing preparations I have ever had. Chicken marinated with rum and spices and flambeed with rum adding on to the delish preparation. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the luscious taste of rum only added on to the kukkad.

Sharaabi kukkad (2)Sharaabi kukkad

We also got our hands on some biker style cocktails and they were both spot on! The Piaggio – Gin, ginger, ginger ale and peach and The Triumph – Tequila, Jagermeister and Red Bull. I loved the Piaggio.


The Triumph


The Piaggio

For mains we tried Fish and Chips and Biker’s chicken fusion discovery. The fish and chips were piquant.¬†Four crispy fish fillets, breaded and fried to perfection served along with fries and peas. Again, I have instant crushes on places that take the simplest of things and create something lip smacking out of it. The steamed and tossed peas were just so delicious that we gobbled it all up.

fish and chips

The Biker’s chicken fusion discovery¬†too was a brilliant preparation. Two chicken breasts, one infused with pesto and one with peri peri sauce served with spicy rice and a double fried egg. The chicken breasts were grilled to perfection and both the sauces were made very fresh. The pesto packed a punch and the velevety texture was very alluring. On the other hand, the peri peri was nice and spicy although the use of tomato could have been a notch less. The double fried egg and spicy rice made for perfect sides.

biker's chicken fusion discovery

For desserts, we had the much talked about Too Hot to Handle – brownie sizzler. A sizzling hot chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce. The gooey brownie with a slight bitter tinge was brilliant and the dessert is very aptly name – it really is – too hot to handle!

Too hot to handleBrownie sizzler

So gear up and visit biker’s cafe for amazing drinks, their elaborate breakfast spread and of course the Sharaabi Kukkad.

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