Goan Feels at Lady Baga

Sand, Beaches & Beer these 3 things will definitely remind you of those cancelled plans to Goa or give you throwback to those memories you made while you were at Goa. If you do want to get a gist of what all can be done in Goa, Visit Lady Baga!

Lady Baga is Olive’s newest outlet, opened where Monkey Bar was originally present in CP, This property spans over 2 floors & has a balcony overlooking CP too. It promises to bring an exhilarating experience like no other, a mini Goa right here in the heart of Delhi, CP!

The restaurant adorned with quirky installations, bright colors and decorative elements such as fairy light, hippe signs, even a hammock in the balcony. They have tried to recreate the Beach feel with sand on the floor & a wall with a motion picture of the beachside, while this could look great in the evening, at lunch it was offsetting the entire feel.

Coming to the most important part food, Olive Group always employs the finest chefs & their food quality always gets better with time, we were there during the initial days so there were still fine tuning the dishes but now they have definitely reached a stable state.

Coming to our starters, Lotta rosie is a very popular dish down Sout, 2 fresh Pao served with Masala omelette, topped with chicken curry. Delectable Dish indeed. Prawn Lonche, Fried Prawns garnished with grated coconut, green chilly & curry leaves was also tried and loved to the core.


Next up was the Calamari, simple calamari with green chilli onions & a green chilli paste, While it says this one is spicy, I hardly felt the tinge & the calamari itself wasn’t fresh.


Vegetarian Platter – Porta Porta Grilled paneer, Magic Mushroom or simply cutlets which were delectable, fries, Fried Gherkin chips and served with 3 amazing dips.img_8678img_8665

Coming to the Drinks, Acid test is their signature cocktail. It’s actually a cocktail shot. Two tiny bottles containing Vodka infused Kala Katta & the other one Jalapeno Pepper. MY favorite The Jalapeno pepper. Ginger man, whisky based drink with mild flavors of ginger& tamarind served in a really quirky glass.


Coming to the mains, Porkie Pig, Basically Pork Vindaloo which is a special dish in Goa with typical Goan spices. The Vindaloo Curry was spot on but the quality of pork wasn’t upto the mark. On the other hand the Prawn Curry was loved to the core.
Sunburn, Yellow Day with burnt chili another classic goan dish was decent enough option in Vegetarian.


Overall Main course does need a lot of improvement, otherwise the experience is just perfect!

Last up were 2 desserts,  Sticky Fingers, light but sticky toffee pudding made with dates and brown sugar. It was drizzled with toffee sauce which enhanced the overall taste.
Cocoa Cabana, brownie, ice cream, gems & rice crisps, A delicious end the meal!

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