Golden Hues at Whisky Samba

Whisky has been considered a powerful drink, while the common idea is that whisky is just for straight up drinks, the entire idea is corrected by Whisky Samba with its bartenders innovating with classic whisky cocktails. From Beginners to an Enthusiast to a Whisky sommelier, there is something interesting in store for everyone visiting this fine place in Two Horizon Center.
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The ambience is class apart, white spic and span interiors and a bar that is 30ft long bar housing 88 varieties of Whisky as of now and with a plan to get it to 140+. Sitting on the bar interacting with the bartender is a learning experience of its own.
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We were here for a 11 course meal with whisky cocktail pairing with each, starting with the welcome drink, whisky ginger ale with a twist (sliced orange) and 4 cheese amuse bouche with scarmoza, feta, ricotta and parmesan ! It was served with Togarashi crisps which are perfect complement to the 4 cheese amuse bouche.

The entire menu has been done by Chef Akshay Bhardwaj, who is a master in his skills focusing on using local and seasonal produce. The menu isn’t elaborate but the ingredient-based cooking techniques make it intriguing.
Then was our first cocktail, High Maintenance, A strong gin based cocktail with vermouth and cranberry juice flavors of burnt rosemary, they give a chocolate strip on the side to enhance the presentation as well as to enhance the flavors of the cocktail with a bite of this.

Next up the Shrimp Balchao, by far an excellent preparation, Shrimps in a tad bit oily gravy but laced with curry leaves, rye and dry whole spices, this was a bit spicy but delicious.
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Then was another drink, Old Flame, Jim Bean Bourbon with citrus flavors, orange juice and a bruleed orange on top. This was a rather known drink and was nothing extra ordinary.
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Then was a rather fancy looking dish and very complex, Lemon sorbet with treated tulip Flower and passion fruit chocolate dome, you have to eat it all quickly for the flavors to come out well!
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Mushroom lovers rejoice, their risotto is a must try, Shitake and Button mushrooms with Thin mushroom sheets and flavor of garlic. The risotto has the perfect balance of crunch and creaminess absolutely splendid Dish!
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La Isla Bonita was the drink paired next, Talisker 10 Y.O. Old Fashioned style, peaty one indeed!

Brioche Misfit Burger was the next, a fried egg on top with the idea that the dressing of the burger will come from the yolk itself, this is a well though idea but on execution it lacked. The center of the patty still felt underdressed even though the lamb patty itself was very flavorful. The lettuce and Tomatoes did provide some balance with pickles giving that tangy taste.
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Then was the turn of Absinthe but Present & Mr Spice & Nice, Absinthe with Jim Bean is quite the combination for a powerful kick! The Mr. Spice & Nice was sweet with plum reduction and hint of cinnamon.
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Next were the Mains, 3 huge stunning looking preparations which enhance the appetite even more.
Short Ribs tend to be huge, this with an in house dressing, perfectly braised & cooked with meat coming right off the bone and accompanied by fresh warm bread!
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Samba Style Pork Ribs were up next, Pork is a delicacy and so were these, topped with in house sauce little sticky but a fine meaty preparation.
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Last up the Baby Chicken with jus, a cute whole chicken topped with jus. This wasn’t really great because of all the flavors of other meats but if you have just chicken this one is a must try!

How can we skip the last course the desserts, carefully crafted desserts are another specialty. We have heard about After 8 chocolate mint, Here Classic after 8 Samba style with Magnum with bitter sweet soufflé was delectable. Dig into this as soon as possible as the soufflé tends to subside. Even more intriguing was the 5 textures of flamed pineapple, pineapple crisp of top with a generous pour of coconut cream, the coconut is not overpowering and the flavors of pineapple are spot on! This is another must try!

It’s really surprising that everything I tried was spot on and the preparations are masterpieces! A must visit place and a perfect 5/5!
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