Home style dabbas with Yumist.com

The antithesis of Yumist.com is rather interesting, they bode on the concept of homely food and not the actual term home cooked food. Prizing themselves as a food-technology start up, Yumist.com runs out of a kitchen and they deliver all over Delhi NCR. They beleive that home cooked food is just what it is on the face value but get it spot on with the emotions and painstaking efforts that go into cooking. They have make your own meal and other combo options ranging from 100-300INR inclusive of all taxes.

The meals boxes come in looking like one of those traditional tiffins that Dad used to carry in olden times complete with salads and raita.


I made my own box with Yumist.com and had one of the most authentic home cooked meals.


Starting with a hefty Punjabi meal – dal makhni, pindi chana and stuffed kulcha. The dal makhni was richly spiced and very well cooked. The pindi chana was cruchy and again dowsed generously with masalas. The kulchas stuffed beautifully with aloo, pyaaz and masala. Add some cool with pineapple raita.


Some home cooked style meaty deliciousness – methi chicken and home style mutton curry with roti, rice and sprouts salad. Their methi chicken pretty much reminded me of how mom makes it at home. Creamy and succulent chicken pieces wrapped in a luscious gravy. Home style mutton curry, a super spicy curried meat, the mutton could have been a little more juicy. The sprouts salad tossed with chopped onions and tomatoes and a tinge of lemon juice complemented the ensemble well.


For dessert, I tried their sooji ka halwa – the halwa could have been a lot better.

Order homely dabbas from Yumist today.