Hunger Pangs at Dishoom Cafe

Satyaniketan is swarmed with some kickass cafes and my latest conquest was Dishoom Cafe and Lounge. Located just above BYD, this place is very easy to spot with its grand bike propped up on the balcony. The passion for biking of both the owners is evident in the ambiance of the cafe – a rustic, raw feel with tool fixtures on the doors and table bottoms. A huge “Dishoom” graffiti on a metal shutter is an eye catcher but what is most impressive is their installation of a deconstructed yellow bike. Like most University cafes, they too have a variety of seating options available, the hot favourite is undoubtedly the huge podium low floor seating.

We started off with a passion fruit cooler and a chocolate brownie shake. The coolers here are made only using natural sweeteners are most refreshing.

Passion fruit

The mango iced tea, again made fresh and is a real thirst quencher in this heat.

mango iced tea

The chocolate brownie shake, is ambrosial (Wouldn’t expect anything less!). Served with a piece of brownie and whipped cream and chocolate sauce, you can never go wrong with it.

chocolate brownie shake

For starters, the baked nachos were an obvious choice – piping hot nachos drizzled over with liquid cheese and baked with mozarella. A little more of liquid cheese and you would have had my heart, but an excellent preparation none the less.

Baked nachos (2)Baked nachos

Chilly chicken – soft, succulent pieces of chicken tossed with bell pepper and spring onions.

chilly chicken

Makhmali chicken satay – this is one of their specialities and boy will it knock you out of your senses! Melt in your mouth, well marinated chicken on a satay stick topped with herbed cheese.

makhmali chicken satay

Cottage cheese phatom – this again is among their special items – cottage cheese poppers served in shot glasses with cheese oozing out.

cottage cheese phantom (2)

Our mains included a desi favourite – butter chicken and Malabar paratha – a luscious cream drizzled gravy with tender bite size chicken pieces. The pairing with Malabar paratha was a very refreshing change from the classic butter naan. The soft, layered paratha works very well with the creamy gravy.

butter chicken and parotta

Fish and chips – served with fries, salad and tartar. The fish was crispy and very, very fresh. The tartar had a slight orange twist to it which gave it that extra zest.


Desserts included both their house specials – cookie dough – a crunchy chocolate chip cookie, topped with melted chocolate and a scoop of ice cream.

cookie dough

Magic in a jar really is a magical treat. Dig into all the layers and you are sure to get a different taste each time you take a bite. I won’t give out more of the spell binding details here because you have to, have to try it for yourself.

magic in a jar

Visit them for their unique preparations and sheesha and absolutely don’t miss on their makhmali chicken satay, cottage cheese phantom and magic in a jar.

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