India's Craft Beer, White Rhino!

White Rhino Beer is now quite famous in various parts of Delhi NCR. It is a domestic craft beer and while there are similar breweries in other parts of the country that are supplying draught beer to bars and restaurants, White Rhino is the only one who are offering it in bottles as well as kegs.
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A little chat with Ishan Puri who is a brainchild behind the company, we got to know a lot about how their beer is different, being a certified Brewer himself and having a Diploma he took a lot of care in setting up the brewery. They use the finest German Malt and highest grade Hops from UK or US.
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We went for a tasting of this Beer which is offered in two variants the Lager and the Wheat, The Lager has a much fuller flavor, the Hops in this open a whole new world of beer. A beer enthusiast would love the flavors in this!
The Wheat is a subtle beer and as Mr. Ishan Puri says, start off with the Wheat and after 2 pints head to the Lager.
All their beers are conditioned for a minimum of 2-3 weeks, and the lager is matured for over a month to achieve that taste profile where only the malt and the hops come through together. In the Wheat they use orange peel and whole coriander seeds as opposed to processed flavoring substances which adds a citrus tinge in the end. It is actually added just before the process finishes.
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I personally loved the flavor profile of White Rhino Beer, and I must suggest everyone buying a pint of the more common beer to upgrade to a superior beer while marginally increasing your budget!