Little Skillet – fusion, grills and more

Little Skillet is the new bee for fusions and classic grub. Their kitchen is based out of Sapphire Mall, most famous for tandoori momos and the awesome adaptations, tandoori delicacies and Chinjabi favourites. The first impression itself was spot on with on time delivery despite the horrible Gurgram traffic.
Little Skillet (1)
Starting with their Schezwan tandoori chicken momos – huge grilled dumplings stuffed generously with yummy chicken and tossed with a saucy schezwan, onions and capsicums. Team with mint chutney or mayo, these HUGE momos and super tantalizing and gorgeously made.

Little Skillet (2)

Half a portion of chicken schezwan momos

Tandoori mushrooms – button mushrooms, marinated and tandoored to perfection with a spicy coat and capsicum and onions to go along side. The tandoori chicken – well marinated, succulent chicken, grilled to perfection with juices infiltered the chicken pieces.
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Tandoori mushroom

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Tandoori chicken

Vegetable noodles, veg fried rice and chilly chicken – veg noodles made in a very desi manner, tossed with bell pepper, cabbage and pepper. Veg fried rice and chilly chicken – fried rice tossed with bell pepper and beans. The chilly chicken could have used a tad more flavours and a lot more chilly to make it an authentic fusion.

Little skillet should be your newest joint – do try their tandoori momos and tandoori chicken.
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