Nuts over Health Nuts

So many Healthy delivery only options to choose from if you are living in Gurgaon and don’t have an option to cook/ don’t wish to cook. Health Nuts is another name in the game. Their chic and cute packaging and crisp menu is what made Health Nuts make their mark for me. With their tag line – Eat Healthy, Be healthy and Eat for Healthy, they offer healthy breakfast options, smoothies, salads and burgers.

Starting with Roasted chicken farmhouse salad – fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and shards of roasted chicken with a special health nut dressing. I never liked salads as a kid (having a general rift with greens) but the salad course has become my absolute favorite now. The simplicity of the dressing and crunch of greens with a punch of protein is simply beautiful. Add the special Health Nut dressing or enjoy the chastity of the salad.


Poached chicken dumplings – whole wheat poached dumplings stuffed generously with chicken and shredded red and green cabbage. Probably the healthiest dumplings with a generous and fresh chicken stuffing. Dunk them in the hot, hot chilly sauce for some steam.

Next up – Chickpea and mushroom burger with chipotle mayonnaise. Again, I am not a big fan of vegetarian burgers because well, nothing much compares to bacon and lamb. But then, mushroom is one exception. Chickpea and diced mushrooms in a whole wheat bun. Lettuce, onions and tomatoes, no dressing was really needed as the chickpea and mushroom shreds was simply gorgeous.


Power House Smoothie – Orange, banana, almond, mint and flax seeds – a power packed drink to accompany the meal.


Chocolate walnut brownie – a perfect way to end this power packed punch meal – slightly sweet and loaded with choco chips and walnuts.


Health Nuts stands out with their packaging which completely impressed me (still obsessing over it) and their healthy, calorie calculated meals.


Do try their salads, burgers and more yumminess.

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