Our list of crazy af pizzas across Delhi

(n). BAE 😍
Pizza is bae. Period. End of Conversation.
My first memories are of mom made pizza loaded with veggies (as an attempt to make me eat more greens, she succeeded to an extent), next came visits to Pizza Hut where I learnt to use a fork and knife to eat pizza and established messy hands were the best. The next phase included the innumerous deliveries from Domino’s and it wasn’t until college that I got the taste of a real thin crust pizza. It was at Amici when they still had an outlet at Hauz Khas Village and watching a hand tossed thin crust pizza being made was such a treat. There was no turning back then.
You can follow our innumerable pizza expeditions through #pizza but this list is for those few crazy pizzas that are brilliant adaptations of the classic pie.
Prankster – they serve a Moroccon style pie with a buttery flaky crust which is too good to be true. Loaded with fresh veggies and oodles of cheese, they call their pizzas, Fattirs – the Egyptian pizza and gives a strange reminiscence to school time patties going rather well with their them.

Prankster (9)

Garden fresh pizza-fattir

Ciclo Cafe – Ciclo, the bicycle themed cafe has a brilliant range of fusion dishes. A cafe breather in a market full of breweries, Ciclo Cafe serves some interesting fusions and awesome freakshakes. They serve a fresh hand tossed sour dough pizza with a thick pan base, lots of cheese and freshness. You also can’t miss out on their spinach and artichoke ravioli.

Ciclo Full House sour dough pizza

Pier38 – The Lebanese/ Persian cocktail bar is known for its signature three tier Mezze Platter and the Persian influences of the trade route that influences the place. The Turkish pizzas – also called Pieds are boat shade craftsy pizzas stuffed with meat or veggies and drizzled with liquid cheese and herbs. The exceptionally well baked crust was superb.
Pier 38

Chicken shawarma Pied

Lavaash by Saby – The beautiful Armenian Cafe is one of its kind in the city with the arresting view of the Qutub Minar in the backdrop and the uniqueness of the Armenian cuisine infused with Bengali influences. They serve rather a smashing range of pies – thin crust, a square pie with a range of indigenous Bengali exotic cheese.

Jurasic Cheese Lavash Pizza – salted and smoked Bandel, kalimpong, arugula and rocket leaves

Bunker – The ode the Indian armed forces, Bunker cafe is most famous for its killer cocktails and Drone Pizza. A drone shaped pizza served with a dip of your choice. An uber fresh baked pizza oozing with cheese and fresh meat.
 bunker (6)
Chicken Drone Pizza
Yum Yum Cha – Yum Yum Cha is synonymous with fresh sushi, dimsums, mochi ice cream and origami brilliance. The colorful place and fresh Asian makes it a hot destination. They serve a Japanese pizza and we serve half of tuna and truffle and pecking duck. Served on a bed of crispies, this cheese less pizza is one of its kind and a refreshing fusion.

Japanese Pizza

Greek food and beyond – Located at South Point Mall, Greek Food and Beyond transports you to the benevolent Greek waters and gives you a chance to chomp on Mediterranean delicacies cooked with a fresh exuberence. Their pita pizzas are needless to say amazing – on fresh pita, with cheese and fresh sauce and baked to perfection.

Cardinal pita pizza

Have chanced upon a crazier ‘pie’ce than these, tell us and we would love to try it!