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India’s finest Asian restaurant Pan Asian at WelcomHotel Sheraton unveils it’s new menu in this tropical weather. With a focus on using Local ingredients the menu has been revamped. Many people advocate against the idea of using local products. The idea is almost foreign and most restaurants in 5 stars have typically no connection to local farms. ITC is changing that and adjusting to the global scenario where usage of local food is being promoted.

Local farms, local ingredients leads to fresh and delectable food. Chef Vaibhav Bhargava along with Chef Jian Wei Lee have recreated the menu with Chef Lee’s vast experience of world cuisine. The new menu also seems to be a little economical to break the hype of 5 stars, this will appeal to a wider audience and attract food connoisseurs to experience and savor the jewels of the Orient as Sheraton brings the best of Pan Asian cuisine.

We started off with Micro cress salad, Tuna Tataki and Mango sushi.The intricate presentations are to die for, Micro Cress Salad a hot favorite with tiny, delicate greens, seasonal fruits and plum dressing. A very light and balanced salad.

Next was the Tuna tataki, Fresh seared tuna topped with sesame seeds and Ponzu sauce having this along with some ginger this gave a perfect start to the Meal!


Mango Sushi was an ambrosial affaire, radish, cucumber asparagus inside the roll of sticky rice and with fresh Mango pulp on top. This dish was the best vegetarian dish I liked and was ordered countless times!

Then was the turn of Spicy red dragon roll, Spicy salmon roll, Chicken salad and Steamed Chinese Cabbage roll. Both the red dragon roll and the salmon roll were great but the chicken salad was best out of the lot.

Shredded Chicken marinated in a creamy sauce and tossed with wonton crisps. All this on a bed of cucumber and Cabbage, the crispiness of was well balanced with the tender chicken. A must try!


Cabbage Roll

The Cabbage roll was a very unique preparation,the juicy filling was packed inside a cabbage leaf and steamed thus making it translucent.The best part was that the neutral taste of cabbage did not mar the taste of filling inside.

Then came the turn of some Prawns, Prawn Hargao , Wasabi prawn , Prawn and crab toast. Being a seafood lover these all were a must order thus making them my favored dishes. Pan Asian’s Chef’s Special Prawn 4 Way’s is the main dish that encompasses these which makes it a must order!


Prawn Hargow

Prawn Hargao is a basic dumpling which had minced prawns with great flavors inside a translucent dumpling. The prawn and Crab toast was my favorite, Sesame topped amalgamation of minced crab and prawn on a toast, truly delectable. The flavors were intermingling perfectly.

Some other Appetizers devoured were, Mushroom salad which had Shitake, Button and Enoki mushrooms tossed in barbecue sauce, Spicy mince chicken cups and Rock Corn Tempura.
Rock corn tempura was another prawn offering with crispy corn kernel coated tempura coating and a juicy filling inside! This is again a must try!

All these were just appetizers because the new menu focuses more on appetizers, the range of appetizers has expanded exponentially.


Chicken Katsu Curry

Our Main Course then had just Pad Thai Noodles my favorite and chefs recommended Chicken Katsu Curry. A Japanese preparation, Katsu curry was very smooth and was slathered over crispy fried Chicken. This is a staple diet among the Japanese as it has sticky rice along with it. The aroma of this was very intoxicating and the flavors were great. A first experience but an amazing one!


We ended our elaborate feast with Family Desert Platter which had the famous Hot Toffee Pudding, fresh fruits, home made ice cream and what not. With a major sweet tooth, though almost full by the time this came we had to try the Hot toffee pudding which was a specialty. It was a good call, Hot Toffee Pudding was truly to die for!

Chef Vaibhav Bhargava has done a wonderful job with this new menu and it’s absolutely marvelous!

It would be very hard to pick few of the must try dishes, every preparation here is delectable, just choose according to your preferences and do go with the chef’s recommendations.

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