Party with glamour at Paparazzi Co.

So who are the Paparazzi, or what is Paparazzi? Paparazzo(singular) tend to be independent photographers unlinked to the mainstream media and they are keen on tracking high-profile people. While this isn’t Mumbai where the term is very common, in Delhi Paparazzi is a high profile outlet from the people behind PCO and Smokey’s, these names combine together to give you an evening with the sinfully delectable cocktails, the hottest DJs that make you want to dance on the table, to lip-smacking signature dishes from across the world. A place adorned with posters, a grand staircase, red carpet entry, a photo booth and a bar which is class apart, you are sure to have a good time here! This is place where patrons can let loose, dance and drink, and make sure that they have a night to remember.
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The Men behind the bar are trained by bartenders at PCO, which is a name to remember if you are fan of cocktails, the summer has paved way for some really mean cocktails with a humble pour of Proseco in these cocktails.

Starting off with Paparazzi 75, a gin based cocktail with sweet and sour topping off with Sula sparkling!
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Paparazzi 75

Along with this came the Mezze Platter, We ordered both the Veg and the Non Veg variants, 4 dips with Falafel and Pita Bread, the Falafel and the Pita were delectable and so was the meat variant of it. The dips could be improved though!
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Mezze Platter, Paparazzi Co

Along with this we had Peri Peri Chicken, Succulent pieces of chicken with a Peri Peri marination, The marination wasn’t as spicy and thus the name Peri Peri chicken wasn’t actually spicy.
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Peri Peri Chicken

Next up were the sliders, Sliders are typically small burgers as an accompaniment to the drinks, 4 intricately crafted with the crispy vegetarian patty a bit of dressing of mayo and mustard and a soft bun! The non veg counterpart had a tangy dressing with jalapenos and bellpepper.
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Non Veg Sliders

Papparzi co (17)

Veg Sliders

The next drink was my personal favorite here, Trump’s wall Mexican smash. I am a sucker for cocktails and this an example of the art of the bartender, a refreshing tequila based concoction with cucumber, lemon and tangy tinge of jalapeños. Beautifully crafted!
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Trump’s Wall Mexican Smash

They also have done justice to the Pizzas, we ordered the Sundried Tomato, Olives and jalapenos one and it was a delicious thin crust pizza with a good amount of cheese and plenty of toppings. The Quattro Formagghi was also ordered which was a bit of a surprise as the 4 different cheeses weren’t spread evenly but each piece has a different type of cheese, While the Mozzarella on was classic, the Blue cheese one is for connoisseurs only!
Papparzi co (30)

Quattro Formaggi

Then was the turn of Corn and Cheese rolls along with crispy lamb, The corn and Cheese Rolls were a slight disappointment but the Lamb was truly exceptional, tossed with red and yellow bell peppers a Chinese style preparation of lamb, this one is a must order!

Along with this we had the Berry Fizz, topped with Sparkling wine!
Papparzi co (19)
Last up were the Desserts, Paan Ice Cream, Gulab Jamun Cheese cake and Chocolate cake with ice cream. The paan ice cream was strong in paan flavors but still didn’t overpower, the Gulab Jamun cheesecake was a disappointment. The chocolate brownie wasn’t actually a brownie but a well-made cake which was devoured with ice cream pretty fast!

So why Paparazzi, it’s a party place and would surely leave you spellbound with the amazing cocktails they serve, this place is slightly expensive too but totally worth it!
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