Poolside Sunday Brunch @Mosaic, Country Inn!

Country Inn by Carlson group heavily promotes it’s Sunday Brunch at Mosaic. It promises a fun filled morning with your family with a complimentary pool dip, a elaborate buffet with menu changing every week and one complimentary beer. The overall experience is pretty¬†good as the staff is very hospitable and always goes¬†an extra mile to ensure your comfort.

They also have a Live Kitchen serving various kinds of Egg preparations and some Pasta.


I started my brunch with some Hot milk with Cornflakes and then Peach Iced tea, Pink Lady and Masala Steamed Corn from the Live Kitchen. The simplest of things like masala corn were prepared with so much detail that its bound to impresses anyone!


Next up were the Salads from the elaborate salad course, out of 5 different salads I loved the Watermelon and Feta cheese which is a classic then the Panzanella Salad which is very refreshing and a prefect summer salad!




Trio Lamb Pepper Sesame seed salad was the best out of the lot, bite sized pieces of lamb with crunchy peppers and slight dressing of olive oil and sesame seeds. A must try!


Even the bread section was very elaborate, I had the freshly baked Foccacia with Red Cheddar cheese and Baked Bread Chips with yellow butter. A breakfast well done indeed!


Coming to the Starters, they didn’t have a lot of variety, few pasta and Paneer Tikka and Chicken Teriyaki Skewers.Chicken Teriyaki Skewers were also from the live kitchen and weren’t as impressive as the Breakfast items.


Then was the turn of the Main course, This Sunday it was Continental and Indian menu with 3 Non Vegetarian preparations and Several Vegetarian ones.
The Non Vegtarian Spread consisted of Sole Curry, Taan Ghost and Roast Chicken Av Jus. The Sole curry was ambrosial, its one of the very few places where the consistency of the gravy is just perfect. The sole fish fillets were also very tender.
The Roast Chicken Au Jus was a good preparation, the delicate flavors were absorbed in the chicken very well.
The Taan Ghost was just average nothing really special about that!


Sole Curry


Taan Ghost


Roast Chicken Au Jus

Even though being a hard core Non vegetarian, I loved their vegetarian Spread. They actually have tweaked their recipes and made very innovative dishes like the Paneer Laung Lata, two layers of paneer having subtle flavors of laung in a tomato based gravy. Normally people do not fix strong flavors of laung like this, but here it was done perfectly.
Another one was the Lauki Musallam, it was basically stuffed Lauki in a rich creamy gravy that will definitely entice you! Even for someone who hates Lauki, with this gravy and the stuffing, this is bound to sway you!

The Palak Chana Dal was average, pretty much like the one you have regularly at home but i was quite dissapointed with the Soya Chaap Masala, while the Dark red thick masala was delicious the Soya Chaap wasn’t soft at all. It was really chewy and just wasn’t upto the mark.


The breads were amazing though and the staff was really taking care that everyone receives the bread piping hot because A piping hot Naan is bound to make you relish the food more! I ordered Laccha Parantha which was divine!

After the Main course came the desserts, The Indian spread of desserts was overpowered by the other desserts, thus my favorite pick was the Butterscotch Swiss roll, crunchy butterscotch nuts on the top and light cream with soft cake. What more do you want! I also tried the Chocolate cupcake and Strawberry Cheesecake, both just above average.



Overall, a good experience if you take into account everything but they do need to work on their food to complete with an entire area filled with Hotels and another filled with Restaurants.

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