Sattvic Bhojan at Madhuban

Madhuban basis itself on Sattvic food and the concept of a wholesome, healthy meal with sattva guna, a diet which is calming to the mind, healthy for the body and yet doesn’t compromise on the taste. Bestowing the food with healthy ingredients, compassionate cooking and of course a lot of love.

The jaunty yellow place was set up as a result of the need of home cooked, authentic South Indian food, with no onions, garlic and of course no meat. They have also expanded to Shirdi and Katra offering a multi-cuisine menu there.

We started with a classic and absolute favorite, Rasam papad and one of their Winter specials, crispy idli chaat. The Rasam was rather disappointing, the tomato coagulated, floating as a separate entity and a tad too on the runny side.


The crispy fried idlies however redeemed the place magnificently – mini idlies {which I have cherished for as long as I can remember} fried to a crispy perfection topped with a bit of curd, mint and tamarind chutney. Pop one and feel the South mate with the chaat culture of Delhi. An amazing preparation.


We also tried the widely popular Podi Idli – rice idlies layered with cow ghee and topped with spicy gun powder; and Medu Vada – crunchy on the outside with a finely moist inside served with Sambhar, these Vadas were again spot on.

Next we went on to try their majestic Andhra thali and malabari Parantha with vegetable Korma. The Andhra Thali – starting with the snacks, mirapakya bhajji (mirchi vada), aloo bonda and┬ákele ka pakoda. All three pakodas, coated in a thick batter and crispy fried, even the mirchi vada were delicious. Pardon me if I get the names of the dishes wrong – there was crunchy chopped beet root with coconut, mixed vegetable in coconut base, dal, dahi, rice kheer, korma and besi bela bath. The dishes you have to look out for – their malabar parantha and korma, a sumptuous combination with the flaky malabar parantha and well balanced flavors of the curry. Also worth the mention is the besi bela bath – a sort of concoction with rice, dal, besi bela bath powder and jaggery.

They also have a range of home-made pickles which are absolutely delish. Visit Madhuban for their Sattvic food and especially the crispy fried idlis and Malabar parantha and vegetable korma.

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