TabulaBeachCafe 2.0 – Escape The Now

How many times have you wanted to escape the mundane, ditch work and just zone out in a picturesque space? I don’t know about you guys, but time to time I need one such experience that would make me go WOW with its serenity and simplicity.
Set in the heart of South Delhi, TabulaBeachCafe has recently revamped itself with a brand new food and drinks menu. Keeping it’s spirit alive, their Tuesday Ladies nights are crazier than ever and should you visit them on a Thursday, be dazzled by their tribute nights to your all time favorite bands. What’s more? They are now a pet friendly zone during the day so you can go on a date with that special friend of yours 😉

We visited them for lunch and started with two of their best concoctions – Paan ki dukaan and Flamed Espresso Martini. Paan ki dukaan – an iced pure vodka bliss with the traditional makings of a Paan. I am not a fan of the flavor per say but the balanced zests of the will leave you astounded.

The Flamed Espresso Martini is another drink that you absolutely not miss here. The strong flavor of coffee is tantalizing to the core.

For appetizers we started with Vietnamese grilled chicken skewers, slow roasted mushrooms and asparagus and smoked cheese parcel.

Vietnamese grilled chicken skewers – juicy grilled chicken with hints of lemongrass, served with a cool cucumber dip.


Slow roasted mushrooms – button mushrooms marinated with red wine balsamic served with croutons on a bed of spinach parmesan. The creamy parmesan spinach complimented the marinated mushrooms perfectly.


Asparagus and smoked cheese parcel – we were told that this particular appetizer has a lot of mixed views but we absolutely loved it. A layered crispy parcel with jullienes veggies and smoked Gouda cheese.



We started our mains with Kerala pepper chicken curry. This dish is probably as close as it gets to in terms of Indian food. The curry is not authentic Keralite but a very contemporary take on it. Served on a bed of fragrant rice, this lacey, luscious preparation with succulent pieces of chicken will make you want to lick the plate right of!


Prawnography – another one of the signature dishes at Tabula – whole tiger prawns cooked to a cheesy, creamy perfection served with al dente aglio olio fettuccine.



Last we tried the Bunny Chow – a very intriguing name with even exciting flavors. South African lamb curry served in a bread bowl with potato wedges and spicy Mayo and house salad. Sesame seed topped bun, hollowed and poured with melt in your mouth lamb Curry and Tortilla chips and whipped cream.

We ended this culinary delight with a portion of warm chocolate cake with vanilla icecream. Topped with chocolate sauce, the chocolate cake was gooey and right out of cake heaven.


Why Tabula? Well, why not Tabula? They double up as a perfect party and a lazy brunch destination. In addition to that, they have got the nitty gritties in place. The simplest of things like the house salads, wedges and a whip like aglio olio too will render you Bamboozled. So go visit them now!

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