The Bar Cat – Jazz, Booze and Yummies

Groove into the Twenties with this 1902’s themed Jazz Club with classic inspirations from the Prohibition Era. The Bar Cat sits on the third floor with the most conspicuous entrance – take the lift up to reach the time machine back to the Twenties. Monochromes, leather couches, teak, and melodious Jazz classics. The dimly lit cozy place houses a bar, due to start soon and is dishing out deliciousness with every preparation.

Since their liquor license hasn’t kicked in just yet, we started with the classic mocktails – classic cold coffee – a fresh brew but should have been a little more creamy to make it satiating, Wired Joe – espresso topped with tonic water, a truly genius concoction. Doodle Doo – lavender, cranberry juice, soda and lime is a tad on the sweeter note; Panama Mama – pumpkin, pineapple, coconut water and lime, the tropical flavours mingle with each other so well and the slight spice tinge of the pumpkin flavor is just amazing.

We started with Cassava Cubes – cassava roots coated with cornflour and tossed to a crunchy bite with chives, paired with sour cream spiked with burnt garlic, they will make for insanely good bar nibbles. The Spinach and Mushroom Tree – plated like a real tree with spinach leaves tempura fried and topped with mushroom ragout, balsamic vinegar and red onion marmalade, with ginger juliennes for roots. One of the classiest and so well curated dishes I have had in the longest time. Chicken leg mousse – a fresh baked bread, topped with smooth chicken mousse and dusted with traditional fermented Welsh cheese.

Paprika grilled chicken salad – a very light salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, micro greens, tossed with grilled chicken marinated with paprika and croutons. The salad was very well balanced and super light.
The Bar Cat (13)

Paprika grilled chicken salad

For mains we gorged on the house specials – Wild mushroom risotto – creamy mushroom risotto with porcini and button mushrooms topped with truffle oil and a parmesan crispy – the risotto was creamy to perfection and so very palatable. Crumb toasted butterfly tiger prawn – tiger prawns crumb crusted fried served in walnut pepper sauce with zucchini noodles – best savored with all the layers, the prawns, walnut sauce and noodles.
The Bar Cat (15)

Wild Mushroom Risotto

The Bar Cat (16)

Crumb toasted butterfly tiger prawn

We finished our flawless meal with a portion of Philadelphia Cheesecake – a yummy prep with almond crumble, berry compote and raspberry jelly with some micro greens. The Chocolate Hazel Tart had my heart however – Chocolate hazelnut tart with creamy decadence chocolate and hazelnut mousse, topped with dripping caramel and double frozen chocolate vanilla ice cream. Oh what a sinful delight!
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Philadelphia cheesecake

The Bar Cat (19)

Chocolate Hazel Tart

The Bar Cat is the place to be for groovy Jazz and dancing into the night. Don’t miss out on their cocktails when they kick in and chomp on their cassava chips, spinach and mushroom tree, salads, risotto and desserts to satiate yourself.
Where? E-17, Third Floor, South Ex – 2
Price for two – 2500INR (without alcohol)
Cuisine – Italian, European
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