Awadhi Satiation at Kebab Gali!

Kick started the new year with some tantalizing Awadh delicacies. I was hosted by the owners at the Malviya Nagar outlet and experienced the simplicity of a flavoursome, scrumptious meal.

Located in the Corner Market, Malviya Nagar – the place has an old Mughal world charm to it – stained glass lamps, lanterns, vintage bright framed mirrors and cutwork wooden separator. The aromas of kebabs in preparation and their smokey piquancy made up more of an ambiance and aura than anything else.

The biryani here is well talked of, so we ordered a portion of chicken biryani and portions of their signature kababs – dohra kebab and mutton galauti.


Dohra kebabs were a very unique preparation – mutton seekh, covered with chicken seekh and roasted in the clay oven. The seekh kebabs are made to perfect delectation. The distinct part of the kebabs was that you could either pull the two seekhs apart and enjoy them separately or take a meaty bite into both of the together.


Mutton galauti kebab came looking ravishing with warqi parantha and onion rings. There are very few places that serve good enough galauti kebabs and this place is definitely one of the better ones. Minced meat mouth in your kebabs served on a piece of warqi parantha. The slight sweetness of the parantha and the zest of the kebab were very appetizing.


Coming to the glorious biryani – it was served in an earthen pot covered with a gorgeous traditional red muslin with gravy and burrani raita. The subtle gusto of the rice slow cooked with the chicken was ambrosial. The chicken was extremely tender and succulent. The raita went very well cooling off the steaming hot biryani. The gravy however could have been slightly more spicier but never the less, you can not miss the biryani for the world!


Finished our meal with a piece of gulab jamun. When it comes to desserts especially Indian preparations – I am very finicky and particular. For instance – oil odor in sweets is an instant put off for me. But this place dazzled me with their perfect gulab jamun, just the right amount of sweet, lots of khoya and mawa and topped with coconut scrapings.

It was indeed a brilliant and delectable start to the year and I can’t wait to try more savory dishes from their menu. Good job Kebab Gali!

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