BBK – Brilliance served on Dum

From the Khansamas of Lucknow to the Nawabi preparations of Hyderabad to the humble amalgamations of Kolkata, tempting kebabs and curries. But if that sounds like any other Biryani place, what’s so special about BBK? The biryani comes in two sizes, half or one kg and they have started a most beautiful concept. Angeethi aur Aanch which comes with an earthen chullah so that you can give the final “dum”to make you savor the biryani even more.


Ordered a batch of their mutton galauti kebabs, Lucknow mutton biryani and Matka Phirni. Starting with the galauti kebabs – a zingy flavorsome mutton kebab with the perfect melt in your mouth texture, this piece of mutton galauti was scrumptious to its core.


The biryani comes in a beautiful earthen pot sealed with atta securely. The chullah comes with tea light, set the chullah and prepare for the final dum. The biryani comes with easy instructions on how to set up the chullah with adequate precautions. Jab a spoon and take in the beguiling aroma of the colorful biryani. Topped with brown onions, saffron and turmeric, the beauty lies in its simplicity. Dig in deep and scoop out all the layers, the mutton was so well cooked and palatable. Teamed with raita, this was one of the best and freshest biryani preparations. Oh and scrape rice off from the matka and enjoy the home like crispies.

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I finished the meal with matka phirnee – again served in an earthen pot, the phirnee with its subtle cardamom taste, cool texture, the thick rice dessert was luscious and very pleasant.


So, order your own Angeethi aur Aanch with piquant biryani and succulent kebabs.

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