Lagan Nu Bhonu at SBOW

We all know our go to place when craving for some Parsi Food, Soda Bottle Opener Wala and now they have come up with a Wedding Menu festival – Lagan nu Bhonu till 25th Feb, 2017 as part of the celebrations for their 3 year anniversary.

So Bhonu is typically the food served, and during wedding people expect to eat a lot of delicacies presented wonderfully.

SBOW serves the feast in an elaborate thali, The menu for the Non Veg Bhonu is Chutney Eeda na Pattice, Macchi no Cutlet, Gos nu Sas, Masala ni Daar, Chicken Pulao, Rotli, Vengna nu Achar, Lagan nu Achar, Kachumbar, Saria Papad, Pallonji Raspberry Soda, Strawberry Custor and Plum cake with Barandy Sauce.

Now this is surely a variety of dishes, let’s start with the best ones. The Macchi no Cultet is like the softest fish cutlet I ever had, the fish fillet is shredded finely to create this masterpiece. The quality of the fish is also amazing.
The Eeda (Egg) na Pattice is essentially a cutlet with a boiled egg inside, the outer covering is crispy and the inside is soft. Very delectable.
We sipped on Pallonji Rasberry Soda all this while, which so to say isn’t upto their standards.

These came in the Thali but technically were the appetizers, now this Dikra laid his hands upon the fragrant and flavorful Chicken Pulao. The rice with the huge piece of chicken is something I can have again & again.

Then was Masala Ni Daar, the Parsi cuisine has Iranian roots, so the dal is made by stewing vegetables alongside lentils, so it becomes a thick broth. This was a great option for the vegetarians as this is a classic preparation and you won’t get to have it anywhere else.

There were 2 achaar served with it, the dry fruit pickle and the vegana pickle were complementing the whole thali well.


The only thing that wasn’t relished much was the Gos Nu Sas, a sweet gravy flavoured with coconut milk and dry fruits, this one has flavours which were not coming out to well even after the addition of salt, but the mutton cooked on the other hand was quite tender. Its vegetarian counterpart has paneer instead of the mutton.


Last up the Desserts, while I was hoping the Plum cake with Barandy Sauce will be relished by me more, it was weird that I liked the Strawberry Custor more than it. The Plum Cake wasn’t really great maybe that’s why.

While a lot of thought has gone behind curating this menu, only a Parsi Food Enthusiast can appreciate it fully, for everyone else this may be just a refreshing change.

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