Beer cocktails and munchies at High Street Cafe

How do you stand out on a street which holds innumerable restaurants, lounges and cafes?
High Street Cafe stands high with it’s impeccable bar and cocktails, live gigs and a keen focus on the menu. Like most cafes, they have almost everything on their menu. From nachos, masala fries to tikkas, pizza, pasta, grilled continental and Desi curries.
The place has rustic white brick walls with graffiti of party people and stage performances, a smoking area balcony which lets in plenty of natural light and the prettiest wall making the outside a hot spot. Their bar takes up a major part and whips out all kinds of different flavors.

We started with a batch of their salads – veg Caesar, Peri Peri chicken salad and watermelon and feta cheese salad.
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Caesar salad is a classic chicken preparation but they are doing the veg one pretty neatly too. Bread crumbs, sundried tomatoes, olives on a bed of lettuce topped with mayo and cheese and punchy pepper.

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Peri Peri chicken salad – smoked chicken with lettuce and super hot Peri Peri sauce. Do not recommended for ones with faint spice buds.

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Watermelon and feta cheese salad. The presentation was novel – watermelon bowls hollowed out and filled with feta cheese and pomegranate seeds adding the crunch.

Baked veg nachos – tortilla chips with jalapenos, kidney beans, onions, tomatoes and bell pepper loaded with cheese and served with sour cream and fresh house special salsa. The nachos satiate to perfection with their cheesy add ons and fresh accompaniments.
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Masala cheesy fries – crispy thick cut fries topped with loads of masala and liquid cheese. The cheese was a tad too salty making the NaOH content too much in the dish as a whole.
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Paneer multani tikka – succulent paneer wrapped a d stuffed with paneer bhurji roasted in a clay oven which emitted a tantalizing aroma. The melt in mouth paneer tikka was just the right amount of spicy and very palatable.
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Murgh ke parche – succulent chicken pieces tossed in malai and drizzled over with lots of liquid cheese. This was an overdose for people with an affinity for oodles of cheese. As for me, it was a tad too much, heavy doses of mint chutney to neutralize it.
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Wash it down with some excellent beer cocktails. And a special shout out to their bar tender who customizes drinks according to your palette and poison.
High Street Cafe (3)

Beer Mojito – full of mint and lemon wedges.

High Street Cafe (2)

Beer cocktails made to order.

On a sweet note – chocolate brownie and ice cream – gooey chocolate brownie with ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce.
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High Street Cafe – ideal for a family lunch or a chilled evening with lots of beer cocktails and bites.
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