AmPm Cafe debuts in Gurgaon

Lickable freak shakes, a cocktail menu crafted by master mixologist Yangdup Lama and a legacy preceding this new outlet in terms of taste and the super chill ambience. AmPm has it all and is undoubtedly the most spacious cafe at Galleria. With live performances, a huge bar and a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, AmPm Galleria is the talk of the town already. Their terrace is going to be ready soon with their signature sprinklers.

Start by ordering one of their lickables. They have an extensive variety of flavours so you get to really choose something that is a perfect fit for your taste buds. We tried the ferrero rocher donut and tiramisu (because well, coffee!)
Apt to give you a sugar rush and a gastronomic orgasm.
AmPm (21)

Ferrero Rocher doughnut shake

AmPm (24)

Tiramisu lickable

The drinks curated by Yangdup Lama are huge, like really huge and totally worth every penny.
AmPm (6)

The Royal Harem – gin, white rum, vodka, lime juice and loads of apples with coke.

AmPm (7)

Luscious Lucy – gin with lime, mint, kaffir lime and ginger. A perfect thirst quencher.

Starting with palak patta chaat – battered spinach leaves are increasingly becoming a famous chaat option. This one has crispy spinach leaves, cool dahi, crunchy sev and is topped with pomegranate seeds. The crunchy chaat with all the layers is one of the best you can find.
AmPm (25)
Quesadilla – fried kidney beans with assorted vegetables with jalapenos, loads of cheese and sour cream and salsa.  The toasted quesadilla was nicely done with a buttery crunch and cheese. Dunk it in salsa for best effects.
AmPm (22)
Al Pastor Tacos – Crispy hard shell tacos with chicken bits, sour cream, bell pepper, lettuce and fresh salsa. The crunchy taco shells generously stuffed with fresh sour cream and crunchy vegetables work amazingly together.
AmPm (3)
Bacon Dimsum – this is the first you would have heard of this dish. Pork dimsums are all rage, but bacon cooked so well that it gives you a punch just like pork dimsums but is better. The chilly sauce only adds to the delectable flavors.
AmPm (23)
Mutton Keema Pav – soft pavs topped with slow cooked mutton keema and topped with an onion ring. The keema pav sliders will make for not just a great appetizer but I could munch on it for breakfast with no complaints.
AmPm (1)
Butter chicken sliders – there is not a soul alive who doesn’t crave for butter chicken and butter naan from time to time. Add on some garlic to the butter naan and and top it with a piece each of succulent butter chicken in tantalizing gravy and voila. The butter chicken sliders are a piece of art here and are simply irresistible.
AmPm (5)
Smoked salmon and goat cheese + Autumn vegetables half and half pizza. If there is anything better than a well baked pizza, it is half and half where you get the best of both worlds. Already  fan of their pies (from the Rajouri outlet) this was yummilicious with a smoky base and cheese.
AmPm (2)
Grilled Snapper – a well marinated snapper with olive oil and sea salt served in a spicy Gauzetto sauce and assorted tossed veggies. Even though the snapper was beautifully prepared, if you don’t like your fish fishy, (like me) this isn’t the dish for you.
AmPm (8)
Spaghetti with meat balls – spaghetti done al dente, tossed in a sauce with oodles of flavors and juicy meatballs topped with a basil leaf. U like a lot of places, the meatballs were so juicy and delectable.
AmPm (9)
We round up this gluttonous meal with Banofee pie in a jar and the highly dramatic Chocolate Bomb.
AmPm (15)

Dig in through all the layers of banana, whipped cream, caramel crunchies for a delectable experience.

The Chocolate Bomb is a heavily dramatic dessert caged inside a specially crafted chocolate bomb poured down and dramatically melted down to reveal chocolate brownie and ice cream.

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AmPm for their butter chicken shots, lickables, crazy drinks and Chocolate bomb of course.
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